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"Yes!" Chu Feng nodded seriously. This was not something he decided out of impulse—it was a decision that came from his heart!

This time was truly too dangerous. If they hadn’t noticed all of this in time, his parents would’ve been dead by now. This caused Chu Feng a lot of concern.

If he just let it be so easily like this, there would be a second and then a third time. Perhaps the next time. there would be people who would want to use the same trick to deal with him by targeting his parents.

If an accident happened during just one of these attacks, the result wouldn’t be as simple as a threat.

Chu Feng decided that he would have to actively go on the offensive and kill his way to might and fame. He must let everyone know that as long as he was alive, no one should think about scheming against his parents or else the atrocity would be returned tens, no hundreds of times.

Flatten the mountain, level the fort and kill their resident beast king!

This was Chu Feng’s plan; he wanted to strike like lightning and sweep through a whole tribe!

He didn’t care for vile schemes or stealthy tactics. He would kill his way into their midst alone and smash apart everything with his two fists!

"Something big is about to happen." Lu Tong’s heart was far from calm. He was put in a difficult position and couldn’t make the decision on the spot; the outcome of this conquest was on too large a scale.

Mount Pan had already been occupied by a beast king. If Chu Feng killed his way into their stronghold and was confronted by their ancestor beast king, would he prevail?

This incident would have far reaching ripples; it could provoke the hornet’s nest and cause a huge chain reaction in the mutant world.

Lu Tong was very cautious, his face became serious as he gave the proposition some thought.

"Old man, you’re overthinking things. Are you worried the other beast kings would exert pressure?" Chu Feng inquired.

"Yes, this is a serious business!" Lu Tong replied.

Chu Feng replied resolutely, saying, "Everything has two sides to it. Don’t you feel that these beasts are too domineering? The Ash Wolf’s massacre, the beast stampedes… Why must it always be them doing the attacking? I feel like we need to kill the chicken to warn the monkey [1], set an example!

Chu Feng also added, "Moreover, this time, people like Kong Sheng and Huang Xian are too unbridled. They have attempted to kill me midway twice already. Too impudent!"

"I agree, they simply go too far. Let me think this over," Lu Tong replied as he turned around to leave. He was also suppressing a belly full of anger. That was a safe flight route guarded by humans. But people like Kong Lin and Huang Yun attacked nonetheless, even destroying a plane in the process. Who knows what they would do next time?"

The outside world was far from calm.

After three hours had passed, there was still no news of the three quasi beast kings. Just what had happened? This was like a vacuum phase, but the result was that Chu Feng was safe and sound. Charging through fatal circumstances and coming out alive, did this mean that the other three quasi beast kings have perished?

Or was it that the other three quasi beast kings were unable to hold him, letting him escape unharmed?

At this moment, whether it was the civilians or the corporate powers, everyone wanted to know the process of this battle. This incident attracted everyone’s attention.

"Even if Chu Feng is very powerful and more so after becoming a quasi king level expert, it is not possible for him to defeat three great experts. I think he must’ve charged out."

"Agreed, the experts from the peacock race are quite powerful. Who could handle two of them appearing at the same time? Additionally, there is another weasel who is adept at using flying knives, so it’s difficult to defend against such opponents. Apart from running away, I don’t think there is another explanation."

This was the view of the majority of the people. Even though they supported Chu Feng and hoped that he would teach these domineering beasts a thing or two, it was impractical to think that Chu Feng had defeated them.

Some of the major corporate powers were discussing this matter, to the point of having experts analyze the battle and predict the battle process.

"It is most probable that he had broken the siege and ran away. The footage during the live stream proved that Chu Feng’s battle plan was to run away causing the three experts to give chase." Some of the experts from the major powers concluded thus.

After all, there were three quasi beast king level experts surrounding Chu Feng, who had just broken through to this realm. It would be difficult for him to defend against them. There was almost no chance of retaliation.

No one actually knew that Chu Feng was not a quasi king, but a true king level expert—these people were nothing before him!

"No matter what you say, Chu Feng has escaped unharmed and that proves he is truly extraordinary!"

"As expected of the Angel Ox, Chu Feng is truly valiant. He actually successfully escaped under the relentless onslaught of three quasi beast kings."

Many people were incomparably excited and happy.

In any case, this was a happy occasion. No one was willing to see the beast race act so domineering, abusing the human race with their power.

Chu Feng had offended the beast race on several occasions. He had once killed a peacock and removed a tail from a weasel. He was a strong deterrent force.

Now that the beasts had gone to confront him for revenge and yet the outcome was that they couldn’t handle him, this raised the people’s spirits. Some hot-blooded youths were excitedly celebrating with alcohol.

At this moment, many people were greatly delighted. This was especially the case for Zhou Yitian who could not keep his mouth shut.

Chu Feng had yet again caused a huge sensation not long after the release of his movie. It was now almost certain that would see a surge in sales.

The movie was already a box office legend after breaking several records, now it would rise even more.

"Chu Feng, how are you doing?"

"Chu Feng, you’re not wounded right?"

Chu Feng flipped through the messages on his communicator. Most were messages of concern, inquiring about Chu Feng’s condition.

"I’m doing just fine." Chu Feng announced with a status on his public platform.

"Godly Chu! How was the battle, please tell us quickly!"

At this moment, both acquaintances and strangers had all flocked here and leaving comments asking about the battle.

Even those corporate powers were focused on Chu Feng at this moment. So much so that they used their official accounts to inquire about the condition of the three quasi kings, the Tonggu Alliance being one of them.

Chu Feng thought about it for a while and then decided to just upload some photos: two headless carcasses of giant peacocks, a weasel over ten meters long, and finally some remnants of Kong Sheng’s wings and feathers.

He posted all of them with a caption: abundant prey.


This caused a huge earthquake. The masses on the internet were flabbergasted! Clamor arose and drowned out everything; this news was too shocking!

Even the major powers were all dumbfounded. These three in question were quasi beast kings for goodness sake! They had gone together to take surround and kill Chu Feng, but the result was that they had lost their lives instead.

With the momentum of a tsunami, great waves arose and caused everyone to jump out of their seats. They were all eager to understand this battle further.

The masses were shocked. No one had thought that Chu Feng alone would be able to kill three whole quasi beast kings.

This kind of battle record was beyond glorious!

A youth fighting three quasi beast kings alone… and killing them all. It was impossible for such an incident to not cause a huge quake.

"Ha-ha, our chief sure is formidable. This kind of battle record could shock a person to death!" Clairvoyant Du Huaijin commented.

Himself, Ouyang Qing, Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan were all on the way to the Hollow Jade Temple to meet Chu Feng. They saw this news on the road and were pleasantly surprised.

On the internet, many people were commenting on this matter on various media platforms, receiving major attention. Probably, even more so than those top celebrities.

"Chu Feng, Angel Ox, you are simply too formidable! This is a replay of , absolutely tyrannical!"

"Awesome, these beasts are too unbridled. Breaking our airplane, planning assassinations midway, they are simply too unrestrained. Sweeping through them with incredible momentum is the best way to suppress them."

"Deity Chu, we are all waiting for the day you become a beast king level expert!"

With the internet boiling over, the media were naturally unable to sit still. They all started to mobilize, looking to uncover the truth of this heaven defying battle.

Within a short while, all sorts of reports started popping up.

It could only be said that some reporters truly had miraculous skills. They were able to communicate with the military to obtain insider news. For example, they secretly interviewed the agents who were with Chu Feng on his chopper.

However, they refused to leak any information. They only told them that Chu Feng was unbeatable.

This caused the people to anticipate the report even more. Things reached the point where even Lu Tong was being harassed for information by no small number of people.

The old many switched off his communicator and ignored all calls. He had a huge problem on his own plate, that was whether or not to attack Mount Pan. He knew that Chu Feng was going to overturn the sky with this endeavor.

Killing a beast king, flattening the mountain and leveling the fort—things would develop on a grand scale.

After Chu Feng had finished posting the photos, he was not able to enjoy any peace. Many people were calling him.

"Hello, Naoi,"

"You’re not wounded, right?" Lin Naoi asked.

"I’m fine. Oh right, I have some beautiful peacock feathers here that definitely cannot be bought on the market. Shall I have some delivered to you?" chuckled Chu Feng.

Momentarily, he felt surprised because he could hear the sound of waves in the background and it was definitely not a misperception. He asked, "Where are you?"

"I’m at the East Sea area," replied Lin Naoi softly.

Chu Feng was shaken as he replied, "How come you have gone to the East Sea? The sea is a very dangerous place. There are even flood dragons among their evolved entities. You should not stay there for long."

Lin Nuoyi did not try to hide anything from him, explaining that someone had discovered a certain maritime space within the East Sea. Suspecting an appearance of the legendary Fusang Tree, several corporate powers had formed an expedition party to the seas.

"This is too dangerous. The life forms of the sea are more numerous than on the land. Even the master of the Roaming Jade Temple had returned with some losses. It would be too great a risk for you to go.

"I’m not heading out to sea this time. I just came to take a look from the sideline," Lin Naoi explained.

This news was truly astonishing!

The Ocean had finally lost its calm. With the appearance of the Fusang Tree, would the golden crow come into being as well? One had to know that even the peak of Mount Tai was suspected to be holding a golden crow egg.

Additionally, since ancient times, there were legends about the island of immortals in the East Sea. During the Qin Era, there were alchemists who were sent on expeditions in search of this island in order to search for the source of immortality.

Now, after the great changes, it was speculated that such an island might actually reveal itself!

The two chatted for a while, but after Lin Naoi was certain that Chu Feng was fine, she ended the conversation.

Very quickly, Yellow Ox had also called Chu Feng via video call.

This time, Yellow Ox greatly startled Chu Feng because he was now speaking in the human language.

Naturally, he did not forget to congratulate Chu Feng on ridding himself of three quasi beast king assailants. He raised his head with great confidence and said, "This king has gone a step ahead of you to become a beast king!"

After hearing this Chu Feng felt strangely amused; this fellow was too naive. He couldn’t resist saying, "You sound like you haven’t gotten rid of the aura of mother’s milk. Let’s call you Milk Ox instead!"

"Chu Feng, you dare to disrespect this king?!" Yellow Ox threatened.

"Little Milk Ox, I had stepped into the king realm two days ago," Chu Feng chuckled.

Yellow Ox respired heavily in anger, staring at him furiously. He was at the height of satisfaction and delight before Chu Feng dealt him such a blow.

"Yellow Ox, it appears that you found an extraordinary mutant tree on Mount Kunlun, but the resources on our side aren’t that shabby either. Why don’t you bring Ol’ Blackie and join me. I’m about to flatten a mountain and level a fort. It’s been said that their race possesses the Imperial Sword Technique. Do you want to learn it?"

Chu Feng urged Yellow Ox, hoping to con the two into coming back to him. If the three of them were to join forces, it would be a formidable army. To conquer and occupy a famed mountain was not out of the question.

The Great Black Yak came into view and looked at Chu Feng with an astonished expression, saying, "You’ve become a king level expert?"

His expression was odd. It has only been awhile since they last met, yet this brat had reached the king realm at the same time as Yellow Ox. He knew very well that Yellow Ox had incredible origins, and it was difficult to cross over from that realm. When he boasted that he would one day become a saint ancestor, it wasn’t an empty claim.

Yet, this brat was now at the same level as Yellow Ox, becoming a king with amazing speed.

"Oh, let me think. Since you and yellow Ox have both become king level entities, it is time we do something big." The Great Black Yak sat there with his legs crossed, rubbing his chin with one of his hooves, deep in thought.

The Great Black Yak raised his head, and with shining eyes, he said, "Little Brat Chu, right now blood is flowing like rivers at the Vatican City. Many humans and beasts have fallen, even some beast kings. This is just the right time to go and search for our fortune! You prepare for a few days and after that, we’ll kill our way to Europe and enter the Vatican City’s herb garden. Great strength will be required!"

Hearing this greatly moved Chu Feng. He didn’t dare to go there before because his strength was insufficient, but now, he was powerful enough to make a trip there and, borrowing the Black Yak’s words, make it big.

He gave it some thought before saying, "Black Boss, there are also great fortunes emerging in the East Sea. I confirmed this news just now. It is possible that the Fusang Tree of the East Sea was about to come into being. Do you want to go there first?"

"Are you dumb? If the Fusang Tree just came into being, it will at least be months before its flowers are formed. We certainly must go the west first. That herb garden within the Vatican City is hiding a great deal of good stuff. Some are even human-shaped, while some had gained sentience. The most important part is that the whole place is filled, visibly, with divine pollen. It’s no doubt a place we should be vying for!"

The Great Black Yak exclaimed loudly, spittle flying everywhere. He wanted to rush over there right this moment.

Merely, the death toll over there was climbing to astonishing numbers, causing him to lose some confidence momentarily. Now with Chu Feng added to their lineup, they would have a greater chance.

After the call ended, Chu Feng was lost in thought.

Afterwards, Jiang Luoshen also called.

"Goddess, do you want to invite me to dinner yet again?" Chu Feng lazily asked.

Jiang Luoshen’s mood today could be considered quite good, but after hearing him speak, her face was filled with black lines. What was the meaning of "yet again"? This caused her a great deal of annoyance; it was as if she was the one pursuing him.

"Invite you to a meal? Dream on. I’m not even at Shuntian!" Jiang Luoshen replied.

"Then I’m relieved. I was worried about creating more rumors like that ‘three days two nights story’ from last time," said Chu Feng.

"Chu Feng, are you looking for a beating? Don’t think that I can’t deal with you just because you’ve become a quasi beast king. We have the Disciples of Buddha, so don’t mess with me, or else I’ll bring them along to suppress you!" Jiang Luoshen flipped out.

Since the great incident back then, the rumors of her pregnancy hadn’t really died down.

"Speak then, what do you need of me?" Chu Feng asked.

"You have some quasi beast king flesh and blood in possession. I would like you to sell some to us." Jiang Luoshen proposed, wanting to acquire some specimens for the research team.

"Very well, one catty of flesh and blood for a hundred catties of mutant soil," Chu Feng stated his terms.

"Why don’t you just rob people instead?!"

After quite a bit of haggling, Jiang Luoshen decided to come over to Shuntian within a few days to discuss the terms in person.

Not long afterward, Du Huaijin, Ye Qingrou, Ouyang Qing and Chen Luoyan found their way to his house.

"Boss, you’re absolutely formidable! The whole world is exploding with news of you killing three great quasi beast kings. Shocking the masses and causing a huge quake."

The two of them were never reserved, shouting out loud from the doorway.

Ye Qingrou was sizing him up from head to toe, to the point of trying to pinch his arms. She asked, "Are all quasi king physical bodies that radiant? Your skin is just too good! This gives me the motivation to break through!"

With her inherently wavy long hair, bewitching eyes and fiery body, she was the very picture of beauty and elegance, causing the room to feel even brighter with her around.

"Sister Qingrou, your skin is already very good. That jade-like fairness of the boss’s skin is abnormal." Du Huaijin flattered.

"It's called muscles of ice and bones of jade [2]," Chu Feng retorted.

Every laughed.

The sky was now dark and Chu Zhiyuan and Wang Jing had just woken up. When they say the happy crowd, they also felt delighted.

"Let’s go and call over old man Lu Tong, let's eat a hearty meal tonight. Quasi beast king peacock meat tastes pretty good. I guarantee satisfaction," Chu Feng laughed as he said.

"Chief, have you eaten such meat before?" Ouyang Qing was curious.

"Yeah, I’ve roasted one before at Mount Tai. But back then, I didn’t have any condiments. But the taste was great nonetheless!" Chu Feng informed them.


The people present screamed in surprise as they immediately realized that the unsolved case at Mount Tai was the work of Chu Feng. This incident had caused a huge uproar, and the news had even reached the outside world.

Even the usually silent Chen Luoyan was badly startled. This case had caused huge waves, it was said that the Peacock King went berserk that day and went to confront the human experts about this matter.

Ye Qingrou’s expression was also odd; she just couldn’t see through this man.

"Boss, you’re truly… too valiant. Daring to stay there and roast a whole quasi beast king for lunch, this is ferocity at its extreme."

Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing were shocked speechless.

Lu Tong came over and after hearing that they would be having peacock meat for dinner, his expression fell. His heart was bleeding. How could he have the appetite to eat something so valuable, something that could be used as a research specimen? He had wanted to take all of it to the lab.

"Old man, you’re too immoral. Last time, you tricked us saying that the Ash Wolf’s blood was poisonous and inedible. There was no such thing! Now we’re going to have this party no matter what you say!"

"Yeah, where are those refined king blood pills you promised us? Go and refine them quickly. We’re all waiting to follow in the boss’s steps. Otherwise, we’ll be left far in the dust."

That night, Chu Feng’s household was filled with laughter and chatter. They especially invited a professional to sort out the peacock meat, who also joined the party without reservations.

The quasi beast king peacock flesh was not something one could eat as he wished. Their group celebrated Chu Feng’s safe return and the full recovery of the Chu couple. This was a happy occasion.

On the second day, the outside world was still filled with various reports, all of them about how Chu Feng had killed three quasi beast kings. This incident was still in the process of brewing into a big wave.

Additionally, there was an agent of the peacock race who came forth and blamed Chu Feng for killing the innocent. Asking him for an explanation.

Moreover, they blatantly threatened Chu Feng. Stating that, an actual beast king might make a move against him, a mere quasi king level expert who had the audacity to be so atrocious.

Their race did have the Peacock King who was extremely powerful. They were trying to use his name to intimidate Chu Feng.

"Eh? Does this mean that Kong Sheng hadn’t returned? Their race still doesn’t know that I’m already a beast king?" Chu Feng was surprised. He immediately contacted Lu Tong, saying, "Immediately send people to search that mountain area. We might still be able to catch Kong Sheng. He was probably wounded badly that day and didn’t reach home!"

"I’ve already made the necessary arrangements," Lu Tong assured him. As keen as Lu Tong was, he had naturally guessed this would be the case.

The very same day, someone from Mount Pan came to Shuntian, asking him to go and beg forgiveness at Mount Pan.

Chu Feng was acutely furious. This weasel lineage wanted to harm my parents. And now they dare to come and threaten him, asking him to go and beg forgiveness? This was like inviting him to attack!

[1] The idiom is literal and the meaning is also quite direct. It means to set an example with something or someone smaller to warn something or someone bigger.

[2] Usually used to describe the fairness a lady’s skin: bright, clear and clean, giving one a refined look. Below is the Chinese poem from which this word originates.


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