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Everyone went silent for a moment. Following that, a volcano of clamor and discussion erupted full force.

"Ha, ha… are my eyes deceiving me? This is too miraculous. Is this real?"

"It’s simply too hard to believe. These two people in the same photo, this scene is just too satisfying. Look at that expression on Huang Xiaoxian’s face, it’s obvious that he is about to cry yet forcing out a smile, ha ha ha…"

Many people couldn’t help but laugh at the comical scene. Chu Feng posting a selfie with Huang Xiaoxian was a jaw-dropping development.

It was almost too strange to be true, leaving many people with their mouths open.

One had to know that Huang Xiaoxian was cursing Chu Feng quite confidently just a moment ago, claiming that there was no way he would be able to turn things around this time.

Who would’ve thought that in the blink of an eye, a photo of the two would appear online. This left people speechless.

"I can’t help but laugh, ha ha… just look at the state Huang Xiaoxian is in. His timid expression, the foolish look on his face. I'm guessing his heart is beating like crazy now. Heck, even I feel dumbfounded."

"I can understand his mood right now. Just moments ago, he was confidently provoking everyone, and now I reckon his head is about to explode from the sudden development. It’ll be counted as him being brave if he doesn’t piss himself, ha ha..."

People were making fun of Huang Xiaoxian all over the internet.

Things escalated too quickly, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

No one would’ve guessed it would turn out like this.

At the same time, people were also shocked. Did Chu Feng’s safe arrival in Shuntian mean that he had defeated the three quasi beast king level experts? Or perhaps he had already killed them?

This wasn’t just a small incident. All the major powers started moving in the dark, hoping to better understand the circumstances.

Because this was sure to cause a huge sensation.

All the corporates ordered their agents to thoroughly investigate this matter, especially the fate of the three quasi beast kings.

At this moment, Huang Xiaoxian was trembling—half from fear and half from anger.

The comments on the media platform, almost drove him crazy. Preposterous! He almost smashed his communicator in anger.

He gained the ridicule of countless people, with every word stabbed into his chest, feeding his fury.

However, when he looked back and found Chu Feng there, he felt listless. He honestly wanted to cry—never had he expected such an outcome.

He felt that after meeting Chu Feng, his luck had been going downhill.

Chu Feng was looking at him, emitting a murderous aura. He did not have any good impressions of this weasel.

"Brother Chu, let's talk peacefully!" Huang Xiaoxian’s voice was trembling.

His hair all stood on end as he felt waves of terror wash over him. Since the moment Chu Feng walked into this room, he felt an undeniable urge to urinate.

Just as the people had guessed, he was absolutely terrified. From head to toe, he felt completely hopeless and disheartened.

Earlier, he was in extremely high spirits, insolently challenging all the people on the internet. Now, he was sitting there, discomfort and fear written all over his face.

"Where is that other weasel?" Chu Feng asked about Huang Yun.

That was also a quasi beast king level elder who had lost one of its legs at the silver mine and had its tail cut off by Chu Feng. Leaving such a person would invite future troubles.

"He’s not with me," Huang Xiaoxian replied anxiously, his face turning white.

At this time, Lu Tong had arrived, followed by a group of people who surrounded the whole place.

"Leave this to me," Lu Tong said.

Actually, Chu Feng wanted to directly chop this weasel into two. If Huang Xiaoxian somehow escaped, it would bring endless trouble for him in the future.

Old man Lu Tong knew what he was thinking, "We shouldn’t waste valuable material. This is a beast with the potential for evolution. He has great research value."

Huang Xiaoxian felt his blood run cold when he heard this. He had been studying the human society since he arrived among them and knew a fair bit about human "research".

How could he not know what it meant by great research value? He went weak with dread, almost passing out. He screamed, "What do you want to do? Don’t touch me!"

Chu Feng suddenly laughed; it turns out that this normally foul-mouthed weasel was quite afraid of death.

Huang Xiaoxian was truly desperate as he shouted, "Brother Chu, boss, I was wrong! Please give me a chance to redeem myself with service. Please don’t send me away, this little brother is willing to follow you everywhere, to be at your beck and call. I’m willing to do everything!"

Lu Tong glanced at him, saying, "Ho, you’re quite capable. Only a short while had passed and you’ve learned to be at one’s beck and call. You sure have studied our culture quite thoroughly."

Huang Xiaoxian nodded like a small woodpecker, trying his utmost to express his attitude.

"What kind of books have you been reading?" inquired Lu Tong.

"Quite a few in fact: , , , etc [1]." Huang Xiaoxian counted with his fingers, all the books he had read.

"Not a single one with good character! Truly birds of a feather!" Lu Tong slapped him on the back in annoyance. As expected of weasels, they are innately drawn to such vile characters.

Chu Feng walked out of his room and arrived at near the grass in the courtyard.

Huang Xiaoxian immediately cried out in desperation, "Brother Chu! Please bring me along. Please don’t let this weird old man send me to the research department.

"Who are you calling a weird old man?!" Lu Tong’s face turned incomparably dark. Ordering his men to restrain Huang Xiaoxian, he took out his communicator and got in touch with one of the top research labs.

"Save me! Murder!" Huang Xiaoxian cried miserably.

Lu Tong chided, "Be a bit more honest, and I’ll leave you a chance at survival. If you keep shouting, then I'll skin you alive before sending you to the lab."

"Oh god, how come you humans are so cruel? You’re even more evil than I am!" wept Huang Xiaoxian.

"If you cooperate, I will guarantee that you’ll keep your life," Lu Tong consoled, considering that many things he had yet to "ask" him.

"I swear, I’ll cooperate!" Huang Xiaoxian promised with tears streaming down his face.

Lu Tong’s methods were quite effective. He had effectively intimidated Huang Xiaoxian without even resorting to violence. Huang Xiaoxian spilled everything he knew, confidential or otherwise.

This included the number and strength of the forces on Mount Pan, the habits and hobbies of his ancestor, etc. Everything was confessed without fail.

"That will be all, send him to the lab," after the interrogation had ended, with a wave of his sleeve, Lu Tong commanded his men to take the weasel away.

"Damned old man, you’re going back on your word! You can’t do this to me!" Huang Xiaoxian moaned.

Lu Tong was just as sly before, replying, "Don’t worry, I’ll definitely let you return alive. But the condition is that you have to perform well at that place and cooperate with their studies."

After Huang Xiaoxian was sent away, Lu Tong’s expression became serious, saying, "Let’s move!"

"What happened?!" Chu Feng was surprised.

"To catch Huang Yun, that foolhardy weasel wanted to harm your parents!" Lu Tong informed.

"What?!" Chu Feng was furious.

The left the scene at extreme speeds.

Chu Feng was truly incensed now. That quasi beast king had wanted to move against his parents to exact his revenge. This caused his fury to burn to the skies.

"Don’t be anxious, it’s not very serious," Lu Tong consoled him.

"These few days, I had a feeling that something was not right because I received reports that your parents were acting weird. At first, I was thinking perhaps they were too concerned about you."

Only then did Chu Feng realized that the weasel was using his terrifying psychic abilities to slowly affect his parents’ minds, slowly driving them to their death.

Chu Feng had cut off Huang Yun’s tail, causing him to hold a deep grudge, and as such, he must have wanted to use this method to get his revenge.

He did not actually dare to offend the Hollow Jade Temple directly. Instead, his plan was to secretly cause the death of Chu Feng’s parents without alerting anyone.

Normally, no one would dare to touch the Hollow Jade Temple, and this had crossed the line and Lu Tong was furious.

Just a few days ago, he was just reassuring Chu Feng that nothing would happen to his parents, that the Hollow Jade Temple was a place no one dared to charge into. In the end, he had his face slapped by a weasel.

They flew like lightning all the way, and very soon, they had arrived.

"Dad, Mom!"

Chu Feng discovered that his parents’ condition was not as bad as he thought. Although their minds were slightly muddled, nothing serious had happened yet.

"Little Feng!" The couple was pleasantly surprised. They had already seen reports on the internet, that Chu Feng had returned.

These recent hours caused them incomparable distress. Updated news on Chu Feng had disappeared right after his encounter with the three quasi beast kings.

Although they did not know what had happened to the three quasi beast kings, it was good news that Chu Feng had returned.

"Dad, Mom, I’m fine. I’ve made you two worry. Let’s cook a pot of quasi beast king level peacock meat for dinner to supplement your health." Chu Feng laughed.

"Ha ha… Good, let’s drink a few rounds tonight," Chu Zhiyuan laughed loudly.

"Dad, Mom, don’t move. Let me examine you," instructed Chu Feng.

Following that, his eyes started to glow with great brilliance. This was true king level divine instinct. His psychic powers flowed out from his forehead like a beam of light, a magnificent sight to behold.


A gentle sound was produced, containing the power of the Demon Ox Roar within. It shook the four directions as psychic feedback flooded his mind.

Chu Zhiyuan and Wang Jing felt giddy, and their eyes went dark. They almost staggered and fell.

At the same time, two masses of yellowish energy rushed out from the top of their heads, letting out shrill cries. This was the psychic power left behind by Huang Yun.

After another low shout from Chu Feng, these energy masses exploded with a bang.

Lu Tong had been waiting outside the room this whole time. After hearing activity within the room, he charged in, asking, "Are you alright?"

Chu Feng carried Chu Zhiyuan and Wang Jing to the bed and laid them upon it, covering them with blankets and watching them fall asleep.

After he returned to the living room, his face was the picture of seriousness as he said, "It’s all fine now. However, if I had returned any later than this, it would be truly dangerous. These weasels of Mount Pan have gone too far!"

Chu Feng erupted with murderous intent. Within a few short days, that old weasel had almost taken the lives of his parents.

Lu Tong felt responsible and ashamed, saying, "I’m truly sorry. I didn’t think something like this could happen."

Chu Feng shook his head, indicating that he didn’t blame the old man. The security within the residential was indeed sufficiently tight, and there was no problem with it. The main culprit was that weasel—he had the skills to bypass these defenses.

Lu Tong said, "We have just finished investigating this matter. It appears that he had hidden himself underground within the waterways while using his abilities. When news of you defeating the three quasi beast king level experts appeared, he ran away in fear."

That old sly weasel did not dare to take action directly, leaving two masses of psychic energy within the Chu Feng’s parents, hoping to weaken them slowly over time and eventually cause their death.

In short, the old weasel was quite apprehensive of the Hollow Jade Temple.

"First it was Xu Wanyi, now it's this old weasel, who knows how many enemies I’ll have in the future?" Chu Feng’s voice was cold.

He rose, walked towards the window. Gazing into the distance, he said, "I’ll have to establish my might at least once! I’ll have those people with malicious intentions know how severe the outcome will be once my family is involved."

His voice was cold, very, very cold.

"What do you have in mind?" Lu Tong felt greatly alarmed. He felt the premonition of a major incident.

"Old man, don’t you want to play something big this time?" Chu Feng asked.

"How big?" Lu Tong felt his eyelids twitching.

"Flattening the mountain and exterminating a stronghold [2]. I’m going to conquer their mountain," Chu Feng proclaimed coldly.

"You want to assault Mount Pan?!" Old Man Lu Tong cried out in alarm.

[1] It is unclear if the names listed here are book names, subject of the biography or the authors. What they all had in common was that they were all extremely malicious, corrupt and notorious individuals in Chinese history.


[2] It’s a very literal translation. The phrase is used to describe the momentum with which the besieging army conquers the defending stronghold.

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