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Chapter 94: Ten-Yuan Roadside Stall Item

A ten-yuan roadside stall item.

As soon as Xia Xibei said these words, there was instant silence.

Everyone was a little lost. What did this mean?

Tao Yueying and the others felt their hearts skipping a beat and immediately looked at the chain in her hand.

“What…what did you say?!” Tao Yueying’s expression changed.

After hearing what Xia Xibei said, she realized that the weight of the bracelet seemed a bit off.

“I bought this from a street stall for ten yuan!”

Xia Xibei repeated her statement word for word, her expression calm.

But other people felt as if they were hallucinating.

Bought it for ten yuan?

“You, you’re saying nonsense!” Tao Yueying finally regained her senses and stomped her feet. “This is obviously my bracelet!”

“Are you sure?” Xia Xibei smiled, then she stepped forward in large strides and took the chain from her hand.

The bracelet had already been taken away before Tao Yueying could even react.

When she came to, she saw a scene that shocked her.

Xia Xibei had actually pulled the bracelet apart!


The others turned pale with fright, shouting one after another.

This was a bracelet worth more than ten thousand yuan! Was she crazy?!

The next moment left everyone entirely stunned.

As if she was tearing paper, Xia Xibei took the small pendant from the chain and split it in half.

The exquisite and beautiful little star was broken into halves from the middle; it was white on the outside and yellow on the inside. The yellow filling was a bit dull, so people knew at a glance that this was definitely not gold nor silver but a worthless copper or iron!

Xia Xibei also took out a piece of tissue and rubbed it hard on the chain.

Everyone could clearly see that the white color on the bracelet had turned yellow.

All of them silently watched Xia Xibei’s motions, speechless.

“How about it? Can you see it clearly?”

After Xia Xibei broke apart the bracelet completely, she looked at everyone. “Are you sure that this bracelet was bought for more than ten thousand yuan?”

If a bracelet of more than ten thousand yuan was of this quality, customer complaints would have inundated the jewelry company, right?!

Tao Yueying and the other two girls watched the scene with cold hands and feet, their minds blank.

How was this possible?!

But this bracelet should obviously be hers!

Xia Xibei looked at the director. “SirDirector, do you think this bracelet is worth ten thousand yuan?”

“No way. This is merely a simple iron chain.” The discipline masterdirector shook his head.

Even if he hadn’t worn these before, he had bought jewelry for his wife and daughter at home. He knew the difference between gold, silver, copper, and/or iron.

Someone couldn’t help saying, “This can’t be a genuine bracelet. The genuine bracelet pendant has He Xuanyu’s signature!”

Everyone wanted this bracelet, not for the star’s signature but because the. The signature added a lot of value to the bracelet.

The one in Xia Xibei’s hand was definitely a low-quality knock-off from the street!

But this was not surprising; after all, the real thing was not something that not everyone could afford to buy.

Therefore, knock-off products had always been around in the country of Hua, and its main consumer group was students with little money.

After getting the acknowledgement of the other people, Xia Xibei smiled. “So, did I steal this bracelet?”

Everyone immediately shook their heads and said in unison, “No!”

Xia Xibei’s gaze swept across the group of three people including Xia Qinghan. “So, shouldn’t you keep your word from a while ago?”

“Impossible!” Tao Yueying could only think of one strategy in her panic. She shouted, “Your school bag has not been searched yet! My bracelet must be in it!”

Seeing her persistence, Xia Xibei raised her eyebrows. “Fine, let’s continue!”

Looking into Xia Xibei’s eyes, Tao Yueying’s group couldn’t help shaking.

They had discovered that something was wrong!

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