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Chapter 93: Evidence Found

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Xia Xibei reached out in an attempt to snatch back the bracelet. “This is my bracelet!”

Tao Yueying shrank back and dodged her hand, looking fierce and aggressive.

“Your bracelet? You have clearly stolen mine!”

How could Tao Yueying not be gratified now that the evidence had been found?

It had taken them so long to negotiate with Xia Xibei and agree to so many conditions. Now that she had finally caught Xia Xibei red-handed, she was totally beside herself with excitement.

“This is obviously my bracelet!” Tao Yueying nearly lost control of herself with the euphoria raging within her. “How dare you still say you didn’t steal it! If you didn’t, then how did it end up inside your bag?”

All the others shot disapproving looks at Xia Xibei as well.

Just a while ago, Xia Xibei’s persistent refusal had made many of them believe in her innocence.

However, irrefutable evidence had been found now, which was a huge shame on her.


Liu Zhijing stood forth with pride. “We have found the proof now, haven’t we? She did steal it after all!”

“I did not steal!” Xia Xibei exclaimed, “This isn’t her bracelet, I bought it for myself!”

Tao Yueying sneered. “Right, your bracelet. This bracelet is worth ten thousand! Where did you get the money to buy it?”

“She’s right!” Liu Zhijing chimed in, “Who hasn’t heard about your family’s financial situation? You struggle to even feed yourself, how could you possibly afford a bracelet that costs over ten thousand?”

If they weren’t on such an occasion, they would have burst out in laughter already.

They did not expect things to turn out so smoothly.

Now that they came to think of it, Xia Xibei’s refusal seemed like an advantage now.

The more innocent she pretended to be a while ago, the more ashamed she would be right now!

“Classmate Xia, now that things have turned out like this, it’s useless for you to keep denyingstay in denial.” Xia Qinghan stood forth with a rueful look. “If only you had handed it over just now, we would have believed you were innocent, but now…”

She sighed, as though her heart was aching for Xia Xibei.

The discipline master also stared at Xia Xibei with rage and disappointment in his eyes. Why did a pretty little girl like her have to get involved in such despicable acts?!

Jin Yazhen heaved a sigh of relief at the side, overwhelmed with joy.

What more could Xia Xibei say in her defense right now?

The evidence had been found in broad daylight. How could she possibly absolve herself of the crime?

“I told you, she likes stealing little things from time to time and accusing people of things they didn’t do!”

She stepped forward and reproached Xia Xibei along with the rest. “It’s a shame on the school for having students like you!”

“Student Xia, what more do you have to say?”

The discipline master was extremely furious. There was no way he would tolerate such a loathsome offense!

“I do have something to say!” Xia Xibei finally held her head up, wearing a subtle expression.

“What more do you wish to say!”

Tao Yueying snorted angrily. “The evidence is undeniable now, how else do you want to argue?”

“Evidence? Undeniable?” Xia Xibei shot a glance at the bracelet. “Are you certain that this is your bracelet?”

“Of course!” Tao Yueying nodded solemnly. “You stole my bracelet when you bumped into me the last time!”

“I did?” Xia Xibei laughed all of a sudden. “Your bracelet cost over ten thousand?”

“Yes!” Tao Yueying was puzzled at the way Xia Xibei was laughing, but still she nodded righteously. “The amount is big enough to send you to jail!”

“Right! Call the cops and have them lock her up! Otherwise, who knows whose things would be stolen next!” Liu Zhijing yelled along.

Xia Qinghan spoke gently, “Don’t get all worked up. We are all schoolmates, she must have been confused for a moment. As long as she apologizes sincerely, she can still be forgiven.”

“Qinghan, you can’t be so kind-hearted!” Liu Zhijing was exasperated. “She deserves no sympathy from us!”

Seeing them echoing each other in harmony, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but chuckle as she said these words—watched them singing in harmony. She spoke.

“But this bracelet is a ten-yuanten-dollar purchase from a roadside stall.”

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