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Chapter 71: Milk Tea that Wouldn’t Make You Fat

Upon arriving at Xia Xibei’s house, Song Jiaren found out that herbs weren’t the only new thing at her house. There was also powdered milk, tea leaves, and a bunch of strange but familiar-looking utensils and appliances.

“What are you trying to do?”

Song Jiaren watched Xia Xibei begin her tasks with a look of bewilderment.

“Are you fond of milk tea?” Xia Xibei asked mysteriously.

“Of course I am!” Song Jiaren nodded, her eyes lighting up immediately.

But very quickly, she hung her head low in dejection. “Who doesn’t enjoy milk tea? But drinking a lot of it makes you fat.”

How could she possibly not like milk tea? However, she could only fight back her craving for it whenever the thought of gaining weight after drinking milk tea hit her.

She drank one cup of milk tea a month, at most, and it had to be a mildly sugared one.

——Although she didn’t seem to lose any weight by doing so.

“If there’s a kind of milk tea that doesn’t make you fat, would you want to have it?” Xia Xibei asked again.

“Of course!” Song Jiaren shot her an annoyed glance. “Who wouldn’t love milk tea that doesn’t make them fat?”

Milk tea shops were all over the place these days and new recipes were being introduced relentlessly, but milk tea that wouldn’t make people fat…

You had to be kidding!

If such a milk tea existed for real, that shop would have been flooded by endless swarms of people by now!

“Hold on then, I’ll give you a surprise later.”

Xia Xibei winked smugly at her, and then began to prepare herbs for the bath.

Song Jiaren sat in the washtub, shrouded by the aroma of the herbs.

Their scent was so soothing, she felt herself dozing off.

Very soon, a sweet fragrance wafted through the air, instantly rejuvenating her.

——It was the smell of milk tea!

The smell was sweet but not sickening, the fragrance rich and mellow with a refreshing tinge of tea leaves. It was truly mouthwatering.

What was going on?

As she recalled what Xia Xibei had said about milk tea moments ago, Song Jiaren was surprised.

Could she really be making milk tea right now?

Song Jiaren’s doubt grew even more intense as the fragrance diffused through the place.

Not even the aroma of herbs could conceal the tantalizing smell.

A few minutes later, another refreshing whiff of herbal fragrance filled the air.

The fragrance quickly blended with the scent of the milk tea, suppressing its sweetness and fusing together with the fragrance of the tea leaves.

Song Jiaren could almost feel herself beginning to drool.

“Beibei, what are you doing?” she asked, her voice slightly raised.

“You’ll see in a while!” Xia Xibei yelled from the kitchen.

Song Jiaren grimaced. It was such a torment!

When she finally got to crawl out of the tub and put on her clothes, Xia Xibei emerged in front of her before she managed to head for the kitchen.

Song Jiaren’s eyes went saucer-wide as she saw the cup of light-brown liquid that Xia Xibei was holding in hand.

“This is…”

“My homemade milk tea. Have a try.”

Xia Xibei handed her the milk tea.

Song Jiaren reached out with a hand but recoiled immediately, exclaiming, “No! That’ll make me put on even more weight!”

She had gone to great lengths to get rid of a few pounds over the past few days, and her facial features were finally looking slightly more conspicuous than before. How could she bear to let things go back to square one?

Xia Xibei chuckled, “Do you think I would let that happen? Don’t worry, you won’t put on any weight after drinking this!”

“Really?” Song Jiaren looked at her skeptically. How could there be a milk tea that wouldn’t make her fat?

“Drink it,” Xia Xibei insisted, stuffing the cup into her hand.

Song Jiaren took the cup somewhat reluctantly, but she was exhilarated inside.

Putting aside her concerns for her weight, who wouldn’t be delighted by the sight of milk tea?

She took a careful sip, the smoothness of the drink as it went down her throat causing her to widen her eyes in surprise.

She gulped down the rest of the milk tea, relishing the feeling greatly.

Merrily, she exclaimed, “Delicious!”

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