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Chapter 72: Low-cal Milk Tea

Although she couldn’t drink milk tea often, Song Jiaren had tried quite a lot of them before. At least she hadn’t missed out on the famous ones on the market.

But she had to admit that the milk tea that Xia Xibei had just presented to her was very delicious, and in no way inferior to those on the market!

The sweetness of milk blended very well with the mild fragrance of tea, giving it a sweet but not sickening taste. Furthermore, there was a light fragrance that couldn’t be ignored, which enhanced the flavor of the milk tea to a whole new level.

The texture of the drink was also splendid, without the slightest bit of bitterness, which kept you craving for another sip.

“It’s super delicious!”

Song Jiaren’s eyes were wide with delightful surprise as she took another huge gulp, her lips curving into a smile of contentment.

After taking a few gulps, she finally stopped and asked with some hesitation, “Are you sure this won’t make me fat?”

“Of course!” Xia Xibei nodded eagerly, flashing her a confident smile. “This has had herbs added to it, so it’s extremely beneficial to the human body.”

Song Jiaren came to a sudden realization.

“There’s herbs in it? No wonder the taste is different!”

So that was the reason it tasted different from all the milk teas she had drinken in the past!

“What kind of herbs?”

“Honeysuckle, chrysanthemum…”

Song Jiaren’s eyes grew wider and wider.

“Impossible! It’s not like I haven’t had drinks made from those herbs before, but the taste is so different!”

Putting the rest aside, how could she not recognize the taste of chrysanthemum?

“Of course it tastes different,” Xia Xibei replied with a smile, “They have all been processed, so the taste becomes altered.”

Xia Xibei had a doctor of the Land of Fantasy with legendary skills in her second life; treating patients and making medication were only fundamentals to her.

Medical approaches in the Land of Fantasy were similar to traditional medicine here in many ways, but there were also some differences.

Moreover, approaches on that side were more profound and complete than they were over here, and Xia Xibei had acquired a lot of skills.

At least in terms of integrating herbs, no one here could do it better than her.

These could be considered her unique specialties. Unless she recruited an apprentice, no one else would possess the proficiencies that she had.

Putting the rest aside, they could never mix honeysuckle with chrysanthemum without letting the taste of chrysanthemum take over.

“That’s marvelous!”

Song Jiaren stared at Xia Xibei in great awe and fascination.

The mere thought of the herbal bath that she had formulated for her made her believe what Xia Xibei said.

“The milk powder and sugar in it have also been dealt with. They are different from those commercially available, so they contain just one-tenth of the original calories.”


Song Jiaren was even more flabbergasted now.

Although her weight loss efforts throughout the years hadn’t yielded any results, that didn’t mean she didn’t know anything.

People who attempted to lose weight had to control their intake of sugar and calories. To achieve the best results, it was best for them to keep a wide berth from these things.

Of course, a tiny bit of sugar wouldn’t have any significant impact.

And right now, this cup of milk tea only contained one-tenth of its usual calories… Which meant that it would take ten cups of this to achieve the same number of calories!

But who drank ten cups of milk tea a day?

For ordinary people, having a cup of milk tea every few days wouldn’t affect the body in any visible ways.

Therefore, the effects of drinking one cup of a low-calorie milk tea such as this one were even less noticeable!

So Xia Xibei was right! This milk tea wouldn’t make you fat at all!

For those who loved milk tea and desserts, they would consume it often despite being aware that it would make them gain weight. If they knew that this milk tea wouldn’t make them gain weight… They would go insane!

“If that’s the case, I’ll drink five cups a day!” Song Jiaren proclaimed loudly.

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