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Chapter 66: Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage

Since she had promised Qiao Yanjue that she would treat him, Xia Xibei certainly wouldn’t be lackadaisical about her work.

She worked rather fast, in fact. After taking his pulse, she grabbed a pen and scribbled the prescription, her handwriting lively and unbridled, looking very regal.

“These are to be taken orally, and these are to be applied topically. Follow this for two days, three times a day after meals. I’ll be coming over again three days from now.”

In just half an hour, Xia Xibei was ready to leave with Song Jiaren.

“Don’t you want to stay for dinner?” Huo Zijun asked, trying to persuade her to stay.

“It’s fine. We’ll go back and have our dinner,” Xia Xibei turned down the invitation with a shake of her head.

Qiao Yanjue watched from the side but remained silent.

Song Jiaren was rather reluctant to leave.

Both men were extremely attractive and very pleasant to admire!

“Don’t you want to become a beauty?”

Xia Xibei’s words made her change her mind right away.

She was right! All attractive men belonged to others, so she should definitely put herself first!

Hence, she obediently followed behind Xia Xibei, leaving the store.

As he watched the two girls leave, Huo Zijun raised his brows at Qiao Yanjue.

“What now, you like the little girl?”

Qiao Yanjue rolled his eyes and handed the prescription for him to inspect. “What do you think?”

Huo Zijun looked over the prescription. After some careful contemplation, a solemn look came over his face.

“It fits the condition, and it’s even better than mine.”

Some of the herbs were rather heavy in proportion, which he found inappropriate at first.

When all the herbs were used in conjunction, however, the effects were balanced out.

“Where on earth did she acquire this expertise?” Huo Zijun wondered, extremely curious.

She was clearly just a young girl, but she was even more proficient than him when it came to traditional medicine.

He came from a family background filled with traditional medicine and had started learning about herbs before he had even learnt to read. But how did Xia Xibei do it?

“That’s her business. Why do you want to know?” Qiao Yanjue questioned, shooting him a glance. “Go and cook the herbs.”

Although he wanted to stick around, he wouldn’t meddle with his own health.

Huo Zijun rolled his eyes in annoyance. This guy was really great at burning bridges after crossing them! He was just unlucky to have fallen into his trap.

Meanwhile, Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren had returned home.

Upon their return, they heard a knock on the door again, which turned out to be the same two boys who had delivered food to them the day before.

Xia Xibei’s expression stiffened for a second when she saw them, but she still let them inside.

It was still the same portions, but the dishes had changed.

After the two boys left, Song Jiaren asked in awe and surprise, “Are all the people with the surname Qiao so kind-hearted nowadays?”

Xia Xibei’s lips twitched, but she did not carry on with the subject.

“Alright, we’ll begin after dinner.”

Since it was delivered to them already, they shouldn’t waste it.

After the meal and the herbal bath, the driver came to fetch Song Jiaren back home.

After seeing Song Jiaren off, Xia Xibei tidied up her house and fumbled to get her phone out.

After opening Weibo, she saw the little red dot that indicated that she had notifications.

She opened it and saw that it was a private message sent by an official account titled “Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage.”

There was a link attached to the message. Once opened, one could start answering the questions.

It left Xia Xibei baffled for a moment.

“Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage” was an intellectual-type variety show in which candidates had to beat levels.

The questions in it encompassed everything from the skies to the oceans, from astronomy to geography. There was nothing the programme crew couldn’t come up with, including things that you had never heard of.

Most importantly, the final reward was ten million yuan! Even after deducting taxes, the remaining sum was astonishing.

Of course, one had to win various challenges and beat numerous levels to earn the ten million yuan.

During the earlier stages of the programme, candidates were selected from the Internet. When it progressed to the final stages, the show would be aired live.

Back then, this show was very popular!

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