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Chapter 67: The Intelligent Goddess

“Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage” was a very popular programme back then, creating a trend of answering questions among the general public.

Furthermore, Xia Qinghan’s top-student character had begun with this programme.

In the eyes of her fans, Xia Qinghan was a downright goddess, known for her good looks, intelligence, and many talents!

A character like that had contributed tremendously to her popularity.

However, Xia Xibei knew that Xia Qinghan’s top-student character was a fabrication, made up of empty claims, which cost them quite a great deal of money and effort.

But she was back now, so there was no way she would allow Xia Qinghan to keep behaving so smugly.

This was a great point to begin with.

As the thought occurred to her, Xia Xibei opened the link. She quickly created an account and began answering the questions.

The programme had several episodes, and the first two were very simple. Anyone with common sense who had knowledge in a fair variety of fields and worked on it carefully would pass.

Moreover, contestants could cheat during the first two episodes. After all, no one would know how many people were sitting in front of the phone or the laptop, or how many brains were working on the questions.

Hence, many contestants chose to get help from their family members or friends when completing the quiz.

However, changes would be introduced if they proceeded to the quarterfinals.

Contestants would be required to turn on their webcams while answering the questions, so that their actual identities could be verified.

If they passed the level this time, they could join the programme crew and take part in the filming of the show.

There were tens of thousands of contestants who had participated during the first stages, but by the time the programme was recorded live, only a few hundred contestants would be left.

After two rounds of contests, only ten contestants would make it to the finals.

Competition among them was extremely intense.

Besides, the questions in the beginning were multiple-choice questions with four choices, so the probability of selecting the right answer was very high. Lucky contestants could even overcome all the odds and beat the levels smoothly.

However, when it came to the finals, there would be questions where contestants had to fill in their answers.

Previously, Xia Qinghan was among the ten contestants that made it to the finals, but she got eliminated at the beginning.

Even so, she had managed to attract some attention because she was fortunate enough to be the most good-looking of the ten contestants.

When she officially debuted, her crew scavenged those clips and began circulating press reports, helping her establish the character of an intelligent goddess.

As she thought about that, the smile on Xia Xibei’s lips grew wide, while her fingers continued working away on the screen.

It only took her a glance to read the question and choices on the screen clearly. Then, she pressed one of the choices without even having to think it through.

A big red tick popped up, and she quickly progressed to the next question.

Right as the question was displayed, Xia Xibei clicked on one of the choices without batting an eyelid.

Another red tick appeared.

The next question.

Then the next.

Then the next.

Some of the rather ambiguous questions seemed as straightforward as 1+1 as far as Xia Xibei was concerned.

Very soon, an adorable cartoon character popped up.

“Congratulations, you have answered all the questions correctly! Please wait for further notice!”

Xia Xibei took a look at the time and yawned. She turned off her phone and got ready to sleep.

Little did she know that her results had garnered quite a great deal of attention upon being received by the behind-the-scenes crew.

“Little Seashell of Hope? This contestant’s results are awesome!”

The workers couldn’t help but marvel at the results they saw.

“What results?” One of them got near and raised his brows upon seeing the score. “Full marks? Not bad, indeed.”

“It’s more than just not bad!” The first worker was deep in awe. “Look at the time spent!”

“God d*mn it! Ten minutes? What the hell?!” The second worker’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “This is insane, isn’t it?!”

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