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Chapter 382: Bullying

Everyone was sweating and panting, bent over and propped up on their knees. They looked at Xia Xibei with horror in their eyes.

Although Xia Xibei was also a bit out of breath, compared to their exertion, she looked much more relaxed.

Even her physical strength had crushed them!

Xia Xibei by herself had the power of ten people!

Wan Shijie and others couldn’t stop her at all; they could only watch her rush past with the ball.

They tried desperately to defend against her, but they couldn’t stop her at all. She seemed to move with magic. One turn and one fake move, and she got past them!

No matter who had the ball in the beginning, it would ultimately end up in Xia Xibei’s hands.

She was too scary; she was a freak!

They couldn’t even resist! They could only be ravaged!

The students of Meihua High School looked at the scoreboard, watching the glaring score of 20:0, which left them in tears.


Crazy, right?

Was the world crazy, or was Xia Xibei crazy? Or maybe they were crazy themselves?

How in the world did this score happen?

Even if the best team and the worst team had played together, the score wouldn’t have been so insulting!

It’s not like it’s a match between adults and children!

Even the students of Qing Ye High School were dumbfounded.

They knew Xia Xibei was strong, but she wasn’t this scary before!

No matter what, the opponent was still able to get some points!

But this score…

The score was so terrible that Meihua High School could only call a timeout.

After the timeout, Xia Xibei returned to her position and began to adjust her breathing.

She was not really made of iron. It was only that these exercises were still within the tolerance range for her.

After being reborn, although it was not the same body and she was not as strong as when she was in the fantasy continent, after two months of cultivation, her physical strength had surpassed that of ordinary people.

Even though she kept an amazing speed the whole time, it didn’t strain her.

Tang Luo handed her a towel, asking curiously, “What’s with you today?”

Such a brutal beat-down was really intriguing.

“Who is that boy you were talking to?”

It seemed that after talking to that boy for a few minutes, Xia Xibei had become ruthless.

“Wan Shijie,” Xia Xibei replied, “The second young master of the Wan family.”

“The Wan family?”

Tang Luo’s face changed slightly, and his brows furrowed.

Of course he knew about the Wan family. Zhang Kaiwei’s wife, Wan Yunshan, was the aunt of the Wan family.

Unexpectedly, this boy was Wan Shijie.

Tang Luo made a snap decision and immediately said, “I’m playing too!”

Although his physical strength was not as freaky as Xia Xibei’s, it was still good. Moreover, these days, with Xia Xibei’s medicine to support him, his physical strength had improved greatly.

Also, his basketball skills were pretty decent.

“Good,” Xia Xibei nodded.

She certainly knew about Tang Luo’s physical condition.

Since Wan Shijie and the others had played for 10 minutes, their physical strength was quite depleted. If Tang Luo went into battle in high spirits, he could definitely surprise them.

This approach was indeed a little bit of bullying, but oh well, Wan Shijie had to be who he was.

Meihua High School’s team also changed players. After all, not everyone could play the whole game. They also did not expect things to turn out to be so brutal.

They went from being overwhelmed with confidence before they came over to wanting to get just 10 points for their side.

Ten points!

What a pathetic goal!

However, they still bitterly felt that this goal might not be accomplished.

When the game resumed, Tang Luo’s appearance confused Wan Shijie.

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