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Chapter 381: One-sided Beating

There was silence, then frantic shouts.

“Sister Bei! Sister Bei! Sister Bei!”

“Sister Bei is awesome!”

“Sister Bei! Ooh, ooh!”

“Awesome! Wow, wow, wow!”

Everyone was thrilled.

Even though they had watched Xia Xibei play a few times before, they still got excited every time.

When they saw Xia Xibei score a goal, they went crazy!

She was awesome! Too awesome!

The other boys were at least 1.75 meters tall, and the tallest, Wan Shijie, was 1.82 meters, while she was only about 1.70 meters, so everyone’s height dominated hers.

But she was always the focus of everyone’s attention because she was just too amazing!

So many tall boys surrounded her, but she was still effortless, as if she was in no man’s land!


In the audience, Song Jiaren led a group in red jerseys. They were pulling banners, waving posters, banging their cheering sticks, and desperately shouting cheers; they were just as fierce as Xia Xibei on the court.

Previously, only Song Jiaren and the students of class three had cheered for Xia Xibei, but after two more games, a fan club was formed, and many more group members had been added.

Now, whenever Xia Xibei had an event, whether it was a ball game or other competition, they all cheered for her like crazy.

While Xia Xibei hadn’t officially debuted yet, there were already quite a few die-hard fans here.

On the court, after scoring a goal, Xia Xibei turned back and looked at Wan Shijie. She turned up the corner of her mouth, then raised her thumb and made a throat-cutting motion.

“Ow, ow, ow! So amazing!!!”

“Ahhh! Sister Bei loves me!!!”

Her gesture made the fans in the audience go crazy, almost fainting.

This move was cold with a killer aura! It was so handsome it should be illegal!

While she was obviously a girl with long hair and a beautiful body, when she did these moves, she was even more handsome than the boys!

It was simply fascinating!

As he watched Xia Xibei’s movements, Wan Shijie’s face was as fun to watch as a kaleidoscope.

He really didn’t expect Xia Xibei to be so terrifying!

Thinking about what he had said earlier, his face turned red from shame.

He had said he was going to go easy on Xia Xibei, but Xia Xibei didn’t need him to be gentle at all!

On the contrary, he was the one who needed to be helped!

Hearing the audience’s frantic cheering for Xia Xibei, his expression couldn’t stay calm.

He hadn’t imagined that Xia Xibei’s popularity was so high!

As everyone knew, at all the previous games, the girls were cheering for him!

But now, regardless of gender, everyone was cheering for Xia Xibei. Even the students from Meihua High School who had come over to watch the game had joined in!

This felt really bitter and unbearable.

Xia Xibei didn’t care what he was thinking. This great gift had just begun!

Looking at the smile at the corner of Xia Xibei’s mouth, Wan Shijie’s heart jumped, and he had an ominous premonition.

Next, Xia Xibei’s action made him realize that his premonition was right!

“Two points!”

“Two points!”

“Two points!”

“One point!”

“One point!”

“Three points!”

Everyone was stunned, whether they were on court or in the gym.

It was like a solo show for Xia Xibei!

She barely gave Meihua High School a chance to score a point!

As soon as the opponent got the ball, she rushed up with a tricky pace. Others couldn’t stop her at all, and the ball would be snatched away.

And once the ball was in her hands, there was no suspense.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the score change.

This was not a competition; it was a one-sided beating!

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