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Chapter 378: Bad Mood

Xia Xibei was in a bit of a bad mood.

In fact, after sending a message to Liu Jiayang yesterday, she was still in a good mood. After all, Liu Zhijing’s downfall was a sure thing.

Xia Xibei knew about this matter because when she was in her twenties in her previous life, she happened to overhear a conversation between Liu Zhijing and Xia Qinghan.

Liu Zhijing had bragged about her dead brother, saying that she did not immediately seek out her parents when she found her brother with a fever, instead allowing him to run a high temperature.

She had felt that her parents didn’t love her enough after her brother was born, so she didn’t want him.

After that, her brother became mentally disabled because they had missed the rescue window.

Liu Zhijing was only seven or eight at that time. Although she had an evil mind, she was still a child, so she wrote about the matter in the diary, releasing some mental pressure.

After that, the diary disappeared, and she didn’t look for it.

A few years later, her disabled brother accidentally fell into a lake and drowned.

After the death of her brother, Liu Zhijing was sad but also relaxed. Without this burden, her life seemed to be better.

She forgot about her brother until she found the diary under the bed one day when she was moving, which triggered the memory of the incident.

However, at that time, Liu Zhijing just sighed, not feeling that she had done anything bad.

Moreover, she was already in her twenties, and with the help of Xia Qinghan, she had found a rich boyfriend and was living an easy and comfortable life.

Even if her parents knew about this, it wouldn’t change anything. After all, her brother had been dead for many years, and she was a grown-up now. She did not need to depend on her parents. Rather, they actually relied on her.

Moreover, after she found the notebook, she destroyed it, so no one knew about it.

But now, Liu Zhijing did not have it so easy. She was only 18 years old, still in school, and she simply did not have the ability to live apart from her parents.

Also, her brother had died only a few years ago, so her parents were still grieving.

In this case, it could not have turned out well for her.

Xia Xibei thought that Liu Zhijing deserved this!

She was an evil person! How dare she provoke her?!

Initially, after fixing Liu Zhijing, Xia Xibei was very happy. It made her happy to watch them be bad.

However, after going home at night, her mood quickly sank.

Qiao Yanjue had called and said that he had something to take care of, and he would not be back until the next day.

This put Xia Xibei in a bad mood as stifling as the dreary weather outside.

She hated it when people stood her up!

Her bad mood continued into the next day.

People looked at her face and did not dare to approach. They could only approach Tang Luo carefully.

“What happened to Sister Bei?”

“Bad mood.”

“Of course I know she’s in a bad mood, but why is she in a bad mood?”

‘Is she broken-hearted?’

They did not dare to say the last sentence.

“I don’t know either,” Tang Luo shook his head, “She didn’t say.”

It should be said that Xia Xibei also did not know why she was in a bad mood. She just was.

“So… Can we still play ball?” Meng Xuelei was most concerned about this. “Someone from Meihua High School wants to play ball and challenge us.”

“Meihua High School?” Tang Luo raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, an 11th grader. He wanted to see our Sister Bei’s strength.”

However, Meng Xuelei doubted whether Xia Xibei was in the mood to play.

“Play ball?” Xia Xibei turned her head, her eyes indifferent. “Yes.”

Meng Xuelei could not help but shiver. In this state, Sister Bei didn’t seem to be quite right! She seemed to be more dangerous!

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