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Chapter 379: Wan Shijie

Meihua High School and Qing Ye High School were both well-known key high schools in G city. They were not far from each other, and their students often interacted with each other.

Due to Xia Xibei’s skyrocketing popularity, students at both schools were aware of her existence.

After all, she was the newly appointed school beauty, and with so much commotion online, who didn’t know about her?

Wan Shijie was a sophomore at Meihua High School. He was young and handsome, good at school and sports, and with his superior family background, he naturally had many girls chasing after him.

He was his school’s male god.

He had little interest in girls who offered themselves to him because there was not much challenge.

This time, however, he had his eye on Xia Xibei.

Zhang Yiqi told him that although Xia Xibei was now in the limelight, she was just a poor little girl who had broken off her relationship with her parents. He could easily get his hands on her as long as he put in a little effort.

Yes, Zhang Yiqi and Wan Shijie were cousins, and Zhang Yiqi’s mother was also a member of the Wan family.

Both cousins attended Meihua High School and were very close.

This time, the situation was such a big mess. Zhang Yiqi also lost so much face, and her reputation was still damaged, so naturally, Wan Shijie became curious.

As everyone knew, Zhang Yiqi had always been the one with the upper hand, so why had she failed this time?

While he was listening to Zhang Yiqi’s spiteful curses for Xia Xibei, Wan Shijie actually got excited.

He would like to see this girl, who defeated Zhang Yiqi and got a lot of praise. Was she up to all the hype?

In order to confirm the speculations in his mind, he made this appointment for the game.

After arriving at Qing Ye High School, Wan Shijie felt the stunned and adoring gazes of the girls around him, putting him in a very good mood.

He really enjoyed this wonderful feeling of being surrounded and adored by people.

With the adoring eyes of girls on him, he walked to the basketball court in a dashing manner, holding the ball in his arms.

When he reached the basketball court, right away, he saw the most conspicuous girl in the crowd.

Tall figure, creamy skin, exquisite appearance… Although her face was expressionless and not made-up, her beauty still dominated those of the surrounding girls.

Although she was surrounded by several boys, it was as if she glowed and attracted everyone’s attention.

Surprisingly, she was even better than what they said online! She looked better in person than on camera!

As he was thinking this, Wan Shijie met Xia Xibei’s eyes and his spirits lifted.

Such beautiful eyes! They were like the bright stars in the sky: distant, deep, and intoxicating.

But the next second, Xia Xibei’s eyes changed and became icy cold.

This change made Wan Shijie freeze for a moment.

Yet, that icy stare gave Xia Xibei a different kind of allure.

So beautiful!

The corner of Wan Shijie’s mouth curved up in a smile of determination as he led the others over.

“Hi guys!” he said, smiling at them.

His bright smile instantly made the girls around him unable to resist covering their chests, almost screaming.

So handsome!

The boys of 11th and 12th grade also greeted them enthusiastically. Although they were rivals, they could be friends too!

“Hello guys!” they greeted one another.

Wan Shijie stretched out his hand, and after holding their right hands, he leaned forward and gave them a hug too.

The crowd embraced each other with enthusiasm.

“Hello, my name is Wan Shijie. I’m a student in Meihua High School’s 11th grade class 4.”

Wan Shijie extended his hand towards Xia Xibei with an unmistakably sunny and handsome smile.

However, instead of extending her hand, Xia Xibei averted her eyes coldly and asked the others, “When do we start?”

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