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Chapter 365: The Same Trap

While Tang Luo and Yu Ziqi were saying these things, Xia Xibei suddenly remembered something.

At this time in her first life, she was so overwhelmed by a bunch of problems that she ended up dropping out of school.

However, she remembered that shortly after dropping, there was a suicide at the school.

It was a big deal and made the news, as a girl had accused a boy of trying to assault her.

The incident got so much publicity that the boy finally jumped to his death.

In the end, the death was determined to be suicide by the police.

Everyone was saddened and emotional about the boy’s death, but also very happy. Scum like him deserved to die!

However, after about a year, the incident was suddenly overturned.

The boy’s parents found evidence that the girl had slandered the boy. Moreover, the boy died because of an argument with this girl, falling down by accident.

The stains on the boy’s character were washed away, but the person was already dead, so it was useless to say anything.

Xia Xibei did not think of it before. After all, at that time she had already left school and was not very familiar with school matters. She only knew that the boy was a 10th grader.

Now that she was listening to Tang Luo’s strange statement, it dawned on her—that boy was Yu Ziqi!

She couldn’t help shaking her head and sighing at this thought.

The two brothers were so unlucky! Even the problems they encountered were exactly the same!

Yes, at about the same time, Nie Zehai also encountered the same problem. Both had been slandered as rapists.

Nie Zehai’s case was a bit different, as he did not die, but his situation was not better by much.

Because of this incident, he had to quit the entertainment industry at a time when he was exploding in popularity and could have gone much further.

It wasn’t until years later, when something happened with the actress who had accused him, that his reputation was restored.

These two brothers were really true brothers; they even met the same trap!

Looking in Xia Xibei’s dark eyes, Yu Ziqi felt his heart tremble and he said in a small voice, “You’re being too scary right?!”

“Scary?” Xia Xibei smiled, a smile that did not reach the bottom of her eyes. “If it were you, what do you think the result would be?”

Yu Ziqi’s breath caught in his throat and his expression became awkward.

Yeah, what if this thing happened to him and he couldn’t get evidence to prove his innocence?

“It’s certainly good when a man and a woman meet alone, and nothing goes wrong. But if something happens, who can tell the truth?” Tang Luo asked seriously.

“You know, this is really possible!”

Even Ren Juncheng nodded, agreeing with them.

After this incident, Ren Juncheng also became more aware. He could not meet with a girl in the middle of nowhere. If something happened, no one could help!

He didn’t want to hurt others, but who could guarantee others didn’t want to hurt him?

Even if the other person was a girl, because bad people came in all genders!

“You can’t harm others, but you can’t stop defending yourself from others!”

Tang Luo continued, “Why would I worry about you and not others?”

Yu Ziqi looked at him with curiosity and confusion.

“Beibei and Jiajia are girls, so they won’t go to isolated places alone with men because they are guarded. Juncheng will also be able to improvise. But you are too soft-hearted and can easily be deceived.”

Song Jiaren muttered in a small voice, “Yeah, still stupid!”

Everyone acted as if they didn’t hear her.

“Let’s put it this way, if Zheng Xiaowen asked you to help with something, do you go or not?”

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