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Chapter 366: Be Careful

“But…” Yu Ziqi couldn’t help but frown, “Why do you guys dislike Xiaowen so much?”

Yu Ziqi was not so much concerned about Zheng Xiaowen, but their attitude of treating Zheng Xiaowen like a scourge really puzzled him.

“Didn’t I tell you before?” Tang Luo had a serious face, “She and several boys are very close.

“It’s not an unforgivable crime. But the problem is that those boys… They are all notorious thugs in that area.”

“There is still some truth in the saying that ‘birds of a feather flock together,’” Xia Xibei added. “There are a lot of these thugs in the old town where I live. They don’t work, but they eat well and drink well. Do you know where they get their money from?”

Yu Ziqi shook his head in bewilderment.


“Extortion?” Yu Ziqi and Ren Juncheng both stared in awe.

“It’s having a girl seduce a man and then extort money,” Xia Xibei explained to the two naive teenagers.

“This…” Yu Ziqi finally reacted, “You mean, Zheng Xiaowen will do this to me?”

“We didn’t say that,” Xia Xibei shook her head. “But who can guarantee it? What would you have done if she had said something and needed your help?”

What to do?

Yu Ziqi was silent.

“Why would Zheng Xiaowen ask him for help?” Song Jiaren snorted, “Wouldn’t you go to teachers and police if you needed help? Why do you need to look for him?”

They were at most neighbors from years ago and had shared a desk once.

“That’s right!” Ren Juncheng also nodded, “If an ordinary classmate suddenly asked me for help, I would definitely suspect their intentions first!”

“She didn’t ask me for help!” Yu Ziqi argued.

“I know, we are just preparing you,” Xia Xibei said. “Your family is rich. Who knows if others will covet the money?”

“I- My family has no money!” Yu Ziqi was a little sheepish.

“Oh? So this restaurant doesn’t belong to your family?” Xia Xibei gave him a blank look.

“You- How did you know?” Yu Ziqi was shocked.

They couldn’t help but roll their eyes, “We’ve known for a long time, okay!”

Only he could be so simple to think that he hadn’t been exposed.

“Besides, we live in the same neighborhood!”

Xia Xibei was even more speechless. Everyone in that neighborhood had money!

“And the clothes and shoes you’re wearing are all designer brands!” Ren Juncheng also followed suit and rolled his eyes.

“I really doubt your IQ.” Song Jiaren shook her head in resignation, “If others wanted to make a move on you, it’s simply too easy!”

Why was this kid so naive?

Yu Ziqi couldn’t even raise his head due to their roasting.

“Okay,” Xia Xibei interrupted their rants and said to Yu Ziqi, “Anyway, you should pay more attention. Be more careful.”


Even Honey couldn’t help chiming in.

How could Yu Ziqi answer this? He could only nod.

“OK. Let’s eat. We have to go back after.”

By the time Xia Xibei returned home, it was eleven o’clock.

Still nobody next door. Her otherwise happy mood suddenly sank a lot.

“Not even a message back… Are you that busy?!” she couldn’t help but mutter.

Qiao Yanjue had been away for almost a week now, replying to very few messages, and there was little information.

Did he really go home to get engaged?

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but grunt coldly when thinking about it.

She was startled when her cell phone rang suddenly.

“Brother Qiao?” Her voice was unconsciously a bit sad as she said, “I thought you deleted my number!”

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