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Chapter 357: The Right Way to Ruin Someone


Online attention about this matter was at a fever pitch, even taking away a lot of attention from “Legend of Qinghe” and Nie Zehai.

Such vicious incidents made everyone very angry. Even if someone was good at school, without a good moral character, they were still a great danger to society!

Plus, no one could guarantee that these creeps wouldn’t hurt them too.

So people like this scum needed to be punished!

After seeing this post, everyone was speechless, then they became even more angry.

How dare this guy support his girlfriend’s performance at this time! Was he not affected at all?

His mental state must be good, to be so calm after doing something bad!

Wouldn’t he evolve to a killer with this kind of mental state? This was outrageous!

People became angry online.

[Are cops useless? Why aren’t they arresting him at this point?!]

[This kind of person is so terrible! I feel like he’d kill someone eventually!]

[This kind of scum has a girlfriend? This girlfriend is also scum, right?]

[If a normal person encountered this kind of thing, shouldn’t they just dump the guy? Is she being threatened?]

[Hah! So this is a top school?! They can date this openly? I really doubt the identity of this man! When I was in school, I couldn’t even talk to girls, but here they can date?!]

[This “top scholar” is not the son of the principal, right? Or the son of some government leader? Otherwise, how can he still be so arrogant after what happened?]

As people were making a ruckus, some said they wanted to fight violence with violence, and others said they wanted to go to the school to make trouble. Then, a video caught everyone’s attention.

The video featured a beautiful young woman playing the piano as a cat danced along.

The photographer’s skills were excellent, using good angles and light, expertly capturing the interaction between the girl and the cat.

[This song is so beautiful! I feel like I can see a forest in the moonlight!]

[I’ve never heard of this song before. Is it an original?]

[If it’s an original, it’s incredible! It sounds amazing!]

[The cat is cute too! It can dance! Did it become human?]

[The cooperation between the human and the cat is superb! This girl is so pretty! Mom! I think I saw a fairy maiden!]

[Isn’t this the school beauty contest at Qing Ye High School?]

[She’s the top school beauty to me! Beautiful and talented!]

Many people were enchanted by this video.

The pretty girl and the adorable cat together were too cute!

This video was quickly forwarded over ten thousand times, with many comments and likes, ninety-nine percent of which were positive. After all, how many people could say bad things about such a heart-warming picture?

Zhang Yiqi and Xia Qinghan were stunned by the overwhelming praise online.

“What is this?” Xia Qinghan looked at Zhang Yiqi in shock and annoyance, “Are you making her popular, or are you trying to ruin her?”

Based on the quality of the video and the angle of filming, it was simply the perfect presentation of Xia Xibei’s beauty and talent!

Was this the right way to ruin someone?

They were obviously making Xia Xibei hotter than ever!

Zhang Yqi was also confused, “I- I did not ask them to do it like this!”

The marketing accounts she hired knew the difference between good and bad, right?

“Hurry and make them change it!” Xia Qinghan stomped her feet, “I’ll let them add a fire on my side too.”

They could take advantage of this matter to crush Xia Xibei!

Soon, the online comments changed once again.

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