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Chapter 345: Traveling for Work

These days, photos of Xia Qinghan circulated online on a small scale, and she was hailed by many people as “the most beautiful schoolgirl.”

Her popularity was not exactly exploding, but compared to them, interns who were not yet popular, such attention was enviable.

Although Little Shi and Nini had not yet debuted, they could see that this was more than a random online following. There must be some marketing techniques involved.

However, given Xia Qinghan’s status, that was normal.

So, the two of them were more enthusiastic than ever toward Xia Qinghan.

Although Xia Qinghan had a shy smile on her face when she listened to their praises, she was actually very proud of herself.

After noticing Xia Xibei, she even gave her a proud look.

These days, looking at her online publicity, Xia Qinghan was very smug.

She felt that she was already a super star, with countless fans who followed her.

This feeling was amazing and made one feel incredible.

Plus, she had participated in the competition “Million Dollar Wisdom and Courage” yesterday and scored a very good result.

When she got on the show and achieved better results, Bai Meixue and Qiao Haoming would help her out, taking her popularity to the next level.

By then, could Xia Xibei compare to her?

As she was thinking this, her gaze toward Xia Xibei became even more dismissive.

But soon, her mood turned gloomy.

It was Lao Sha’s dance class again.

Listening to Lao Sha’s unabashed praise for Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan couldn’t keep the smile on her face.

Looking at the taciturn smile on Xia Xibei’s face, she wanted to strip off her smile!

Only after a few deep breaths did Xia Qinghan push down the frustration in her heart and regain her pride.

Even if she performed well, so what? She still wouldn’t have a chance to appear on camera.

Even if Xia Xibei got the role of the Queen of Animals, so what? Nothing was certain until filming officially began.

Xia Qinghan’s smile came back upon thinking of the despair and sadness Xia Xibei would face.

Of course, Xia Xibei knew of Xia Qinghan’s resentment towards her, but she didn’t care.

She was not stupid. She knew that Xia Qinghan did not harbor good intentions, and she had long been prepared.

She hadn’t started anything for the time being, but if Xia Qinghan dared to try anything… Xia Xibei guaranteed that she would regret it.

After classes were finished for the day, Xia Xibei went to the milk tea shop.

She was very satisfied when looking at the huge number of customers at the milk tea store.

Fang Yongxin and Song Jiaren were also satisfied. However, this was only the beginning, and there was still much work to be done.

After she was finished at the milk tea store, Uncle Chen came over to pick her up and go home.

“Miss Xia, here’s your car,” Uncle Chen opened the car door.

Xia Xibei, however, stood motionless at the car door.

“Where’s Brother Qiao?”

Just now, she was in a trance and saw a figure in the back seat. Originally, she thought it was Qiao Yanjue, but to her surprise, it was just an illusion caused by light and shadow.

“Boss has something to take care of. He asked me to pick you up.”

“Ok,” Xia Xibei nodded. Her eyes flickered for a moment, and she bent over to get into the car.

After she got home and washed up, she sat on the sofa and flipped through a book for a while but couldn’t help but look at the balcony.

The two balconies were connected. If the lights were on at one side, the other side would also have some light.

After reading for a while, she glanced at the balcony once again.

However, there was no movement there, even by bedtime.

Qiao Yanjue didn’t appear the next day either.

Xia Xibei sent a few messages, only receiving a reply after half a day.

‘Traveling for work.’

A work trip?!

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