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Chapter 344: Milk Tea Sales Soar

The next morning, Uncle Chen came over early and drove Xia Xibei to the company for class.

When she arrived at the company, Xia Xibei saw many people holding a cup of milk tea in their hands.

She couldn’t help but smile when looking at the name of the store on the cup.

These days, business at the milk tea store was particularly good.

Song Jiaren told her that after the previous buy-one-get-one-free event, the sales at the milk tea store jumped instead of dropping, that more customers had come than ever before.

As many people knew, this was a milk tea store where you wouldn’t gain weight.

Of course, the most important part was how great the milk tea tasted!

Although their price was much higher than other milk tea stores, it was worth it!

Some people had also experimented, picking a day when they ate their meals normally, and then drank several cups of milk tea.

They didn’t gain weight!

In other words, the store’s claim was true!

If that was the case, how could business at the store be bad?

Now there was a line every day, and if it was late, the line went past the next few stores!

In the past few days, Fang Yongxin was very happy, calling Xia Xibei to discuss opening another branch.

With such sales, it would be a waste not to open another branch!

Only Song Tianqin was a little depressed. His wife was so busy with the milk tea store, she had almost forgotten about him!

Unfortunately, his wife ruled the family, and he simply did not dare to have an opinion. He could only call Xia Xibei in secret and ask her to persuade Fang Yongxin to leave the work to others.

Xia Xibei could only say that she could not help.

The store could be left to the store manager, but Fang Yongxin liked the work. Since Fang Yongxin was obsessed, she couldn’t do anything about it.

In addition to random customers, many companies ordered their afternoon tea from the store.

Jiabei Sweet had become an internet famous milk tea store and attracted many fans.

These fans included SY’s employees and artists.

It wasn’t just the staff, who only cared about the taste, not the calories. After all, they didn’t have to be on camera.

The artists became a little crazy for the milk tea too, as they hadn’t had proper milk tea in a long, long time.

Everyone knew that milk tea was good, but they didn’t dare to drink it!

Now that Jiabei Sweet came out of nowhere, it immediately became their favorite!

When they had drunk this milk tea for the first time, they dared not let loose. Who knows if they would mess up? They’d cry if they got fat!

So, some people actually made their friends test the tea’s claim first, so as not to make a mistake.

Although the milk tea checked out, they were still worried about gaining weight. After all, each person’s physique was different!

However, lured by the milk tea, they could not resist and chose to let go! They could always lose weight like crazy after gaining a pound!

However, after two days of drinking, they really did not gain weight!

So, the crowd was simply overjoyed! This was a treasure sent from heaven!

Since Xia Xibei had been in school during this time and not the company, she did not know that everyone at the company had a cup of milk tea nowadays.

Looking at the cups of milk tea in everyone’s hands, Xia Xibei’s mood became even brighter.

This was money!

When she almost reached the practice room, Xia Xibei’s leisurely pace stopped when she saw Xia Qinghan.

Xia Qinghan was also holding a cup of the same milk tea, smiling and talking to Little Shi and Nini.

After seeing Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan’s smile froze and she turned her head as if nothing had happened.

Little Shi and Nini didn’t notice Xia Xibei, continuing, “Qinghan, you’re fantastic! You have become the most beautiful school beauty on the Internet! Your popularity is exploding!”

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