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Chapter 343: Getting By With Looks

The program staff was stunned when they looked at the backstage data.

“Boss, this Qingqing Hanhan is so impressive! She got 91 points! And she’s pretty too, not the usual nerd.”

The boss came over to look and was a bit surprised, “She’s really beautiful! Is it all the rage now to have both talent and beauty?”

“And she’s only 18 years old! Is she a top scholar from some university?”

“We’ll have to wait for the official recording to find out. But it’s good for our show!”

Their boss, a man in his thirties, laughed loudly and happily.

Who didn’t like a pretty face?

The program team before only wanted to make the show into a knowledge competition, but now it seemed that they could also rely on the players’ looks!

The others followed and laughed. Suddenly, one of them shouted, “Boss, come here! There’s a bug!”


Everyone’s heart skipped a beat as they rushed over.

Looking at the score of 100, several employees looked at each other.

“Is it cheating or a bug?”

The questions were quite difficult. With 100 questions, to get 90 points was already very incredible, such as this Qingqing Hanhan. She was definitely a top scholar in life.

There were general knowledge questions, questions from different fields, and topics from textbooks… The questions were all over the place, and their difficulty was not high, but not low either.

After seeing the question bank, the unanimous opinion was that no one could get a perfect score.

So what did this 100 mean?

“Check it out!”


After tapping on the contestant’s information and seeing the face, everyone froze.

“This girl is so pretty!”

“She’s even more beautiful than Qingqing Hanhan!”

Although the video was not very clear, one could see what the contestant looked like.

“Could such a pretty girl really get so many points?”

“Wait… Hope’s Little Shell… It’s really her! She’s marked as one to watch!”

They clicked on the previous record and were stunned once again.

“She got 100 before too! And it only took her ten minutes!”

“What the-! This is terrifying!”

“Is someone helping her behind the scenes?”

“Crap! She answered each question in less than 10 seconds! What kind of freak is she?”

“Is she a top scholar or a scholar god?”

“She’s just 17 years old?! What a freak of nature!”

“Open the video!”

They clicked on the full answer video.

In the video, the beautiful young woman’s movements were controlled, and her expression was calm.

If it weren’t for the fact that her eye movements and the timing of her answers matched, and that there was no one else on camera, they would have thought there were several helpers beside her.

Otherwise, how could she be so terrifyingly fast?!

After seeing the video, several people looked at each other with horrified eyes.

“Young people these days!”

They couldn’t resist sighing. It was no competition!

“Great!” The boss was now excited, “Good-looking and strong! It’s very helpful for our show!”

The others also reacted, “Yeah! It’s a great conversation starter!”

The ratings for this kind of knowledge competition program were generally not too high because in everyone’s mind, people who were good students were usually unattractive.

In everyone’s opinion, the top scholars were only nerds. The good-looking ones were few and far between.

But Hopeful Little Shell and Qingqing Hanhan were good-looking and strong, so they would definitely attract more attention!

Two players whose faces could compete in the entertainment industry… It was something to talk about!

Whether the two girls would become friends or enemies afterwards, their ratings were in the bag!

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