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Chapter 34: Disgusted by Oneself

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Yang Xuan’s mom shocked everyone with her action!

Even Yang Xuan didn’t think his mom would do something like this!

The two teachers were dumbfounded too. This was the first time they had seen a move like this!

Only Xia Xibei was relatively calm. She knew Yang Xuan’s mom’s true character and she had already prepared for this scenario.

However, she was also very surprised. She thought that Yang Xuan’s mom would find a way to deny it, but she never expected the method to be so simple and rude!

“What are you doing?”

After the two teachers recovered, they laughed lightly out of exasperation. Wasn’t she afraid of indigestion?

Yang Xuan’s mom held her neck high and said, “Why would I keep those fake receipts, so they could slander our Xuan Xuan?”

“If they’re fake, why did you destroy them?” Xia Xibei asked.

“You are such a shameless girl! You wanted to slander us with fake evidence! I won’t let you win!” Yang Xuan’s mom glared at Xia Xibei. At the same time, she inwardly rejoiced. It was fortunate that she had acted so quickly.

If those receipts were kept, Yang Xuan would have lost face.

But she didn’t know that this would make her lose even more face!

Yang Xuan, for his part, was also dumbfounded. He never thought that his mother would do something so insane!

“I don’t know if they are fake or not. But…” Xia Xibei’s expression twitched a little, almost as if she had smiled for a second before dropping it from her face.

“But what?” Teacher Liu asked.

“But… those receipts fell on the bathroom floor just now, and I had only just managed to dry them…”


Everyone’s expressions changed.


Even if those papers did not fall into the toilet, the floor wasn’t a very clean place either.

And Yang Xuan’s mom had eaten them…

Everyone watched Yang Xuan’s mom with the same horrified expression.

Yang Xuan’s mom froze for just a moment. After finally processing the information, she felt as if she had eaten a pound of excrement, immediately nauseated.


The more she thought about it, the more nauseous she got. To get some relief, she pinched her neck and started retching. Unfortunately, once you put something in your stomach, it does not come out easily.


Yang Xuan and his father’s expressions were even more ugly, feeling just as sick as the mother.

They really didn’t think that things would develop like this. So mortifying!

The two teachers finally felt a little more relaxed. The way they watched Yang Xuan’s mom showed condemnation and contempt.

Did she think everyone was stupid? Just because the evidence had been eaten, did it mean that it had never existed in the first place?

Most importantly, this showed that Yang Xuan was lying!

Realizing this, Yang Xuan’s head teacher looked at him in an even worse way.

Teacher Zhang hadn’t felt good about Yang Xuan to begin with. He thought that Yang Xuan was too ostentatious and unreliable. Now he knew that Yang Xuan had lied too! Not only did he not admit borrowing the money, he had slandered the innocent girl, saying she had beat him!

His character was too despicable!

“Also, why did you eat them?” Xia Xibei looked at Yang Xuan’s mom in a puzzled and innocent way. “I have copies of these receipts, and I can give you as many of them as you want.”


As soon as these words came out of Xia Xibei’s mouth, Yang Xuan’s mom stopped vomiting.

Did that mean what she had just done was useless? Had she done all that to herself for nothing?

Yang Xuan’s mom wanted to cry, but had no tears left.

Yang Xuan and his father also had complicated expressions on their faces.

“Teacher, I think things should be very clear by now,” Xia Xibei looked at the two teachers. “I really lent a lot of money to Yang Xuan, and I didn’t beat him up!”

“You are lying!” Yang Xuan exclaimed in panic, “You did beat me!”

“Shut up!” Teacher Zhang immediately shouted, his face having turned dark and stormy, “We know who is lying!”

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