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Chapter 35: I Won’t Argue With You

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The teachers were suspicious of Yang Xuan’s words from the start, as he sounded too ridiculous.

A girl failed to get him, so she beat him up— people were going to taunt him so badly if they found out!

Especially when it was a girl as weak and delicate as Xia Xibei. How could she have fought a big boy like Yang Xuan?

Yang Xuan’s mother’s attitude and behavior didn’t do him any favors either, repulsing the teachers even more.

As for Yang Xuan’s father, although he didn’t say more than a few lines, his lack of participation was exactly what roused their distaste. He was quiet, standing behind his wife and his son, allowing them to partake in this type of behavior. If it wasn’t for his presence, Yang Xuan’s mother wouldn’t have dared to be so fierce and unreasonable.


If they had been the righteous party, their behavior would have, at most, caused the teachers to be a little bit uncomfortable, thinking that they were unforgiving. However, it was proven that they were the ones who were lying!

How could they be so flagrant as to come all the way here and make such remarks, with all that they had done?

“Xia Xibei, how do you think this issue should be dealt with?” Teacher Liu looked over at Xia Xibei, encouragement and solace in his eyes.

Xia Xibei felt a surge of warmth within her, flashing him a nervous smile. “This…I have no other opinions, I just want him to return my money…”

“That’s impossible!” Yang Xuan’s mother growled, “Our Xuan Xuan did not borrow your money!”

“Madam Xie!” Teacher Liu finally erupted, screaming at her, “You ought to return the debt you owe, that’s an unquestionable principle!” His chest was rising and falling quickly. “If we bring this matter before the court, you will be at fault! Don’t think you can brush this matter aside just by eating the evidence!”


Even though Teacher Zhang didn’t really get along with Teacher Liu under normal circumstances, in the face of fierce, unreasonable women like Yang Xuan’s mother, he was equally furious. Yang Xuan’s mother was driving them both crazy.

Worse still, Yang Xuan was his student!

It was a sort of humiliation to him that his own student had committed such a deed!

“Yang Xuan, if you are willing to return the money, we can get this matter over and done with fast enough. But if you refuse to admit it and return the money, I have no choice but to report this incident to the principal! As for what the principal is going to do once he learns about this… I’m sure you wouldn’t want to know.”

Yang Xuan’s face reddened at Teacher Zhang’s words, hearing the teacher’s dissatisfaction and attempt at intimidation.

“Teachers, there must be some misunderstanding going on here…” Yang Xuan’s father stated awkwardly, “Our Yang Xuan really wouldn’t do that…”

Xia Xibei interrupted him, “How can it be a misunderstanding? Haven’t I just shown you the evidence? It’s just that it has gone down auntie’s stomach now.”


She then muttered softly, “You said it wasn’t a misunderstanding just now, and now you’re saying it is…”

Her voice was soft, but it wasn’t inaudible.

The teachers’ faces turned even darker upon hearing her words. The whole family was unbelievable.

“Alright, my advice is that you should return the money,” Teacher Liu said with a pinched face, “And focus on your studies from now on. Do that and you could still be a good student!”

“As for your accusation against me for hitting you, I’m not going to hold on to it anymore. I don’t expect you to apologize either, I just want to get back the money that I lent,” Xia Xibei chimed in, looking beyond sincere.

As he looked at her pretty little face, Yang Xuan was so mad that he nearly had a heart attack.

How could she speak so shamelessly?! It was her who hit him after all!


“Xia Xibei is a forgiving person, Yang Xuan, you shouldn’t be so stubborn anymore,” Teacher Zhang added.

“You borrowed more than 20,000 dollars from me altogether, you just need to return that much to me.”

“When did I ever borrow so much from you?! I only borrowed 10,000!” Yang Xuan panicked.

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