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Chapter 338: Got a Girlfriend Yet?

Liu Manhong just couldn’t be nice whenever the Wan family was brought up.

“Xianrong has been bustling with activity for the past few days.”

Xianrong had been on cloud nine ever since they got to know that Hongyan was going to be closed for a month.

As far as they could see, Hongyan had admitted defeat right away.

They said the reason they had shut the premise was because they wanted to renovate and reopen it after a month…

Wasn’t that a downright lame excuse? How could they even compare with the Wans?

They were glad that Hongyan had realized that there was no way they could win, so they might as well admit defeat early on to avoid suffering an ugly defeat.

Even though Hongyan had quit from the competition, the many experienced beauticians that they had once hired couldn’t just go to waste.

After Hongyan was shut down, customers would start flocking to Xianrong. Without enough beauticians, they would end up missing many opportunities to make money, wouldn’t they?

“They’re inviting my people over, non-stop,” Liu Manhong. “Some of them have accepted the offer.”

“How many have gone so far?” Xia Xibei asked, not worried about the situation.

“A few, I guess.”

Liu Manhong wasn’t really bothered, because those that were gone weren’t the ones she truly treasured, neither were their skills particularly outstanding.

“The ones who stayed are my aces.”

Liu Manhong sure wasn’t a fool. How would she sit back and watch her employees leave without taking action?

Apart from her several trusted subordinates, she had also discussed what was happening with some pretty skilled beauticians. There was no way she would let the ones who really mattered leave just like that.

As for the ones who didn’t have much significance, leaving or not depended upon their loyalty.

She had distributed this month’s pay to her employees and had them take a paid break.

She had done enough on her part. As for whether they would hold on to the opportunity, it wasn’t something that she could control.

“How about the customers?”

“Customers…” Liu Manhong still felt somewhat battered when she talked about this.

Although she knew the customers would return once the new products were launched, she still felt bad when she thought of the losses that she would have to bear due to the outflow of customers.

“Many of them have been drawn away by Xianrong.” Liu Manhong scowled, “They’re even thinking of canceling their memberships.”

If they hadn’t known that Liu Manhong had never been in debt and that she had the Qiao family backing her up, they would have thought that it could be a fraud.

However, with Liu Manhong’s reputation and the fact that she still held ownership of the premise, they weren’t very worried about it.

Anyway, they had given Liu Manhong a month’s time. If it didn’t turn out right after a month, they would be requesting a refund.

As for those who didn’t trust Liu Manhong and insisted on canceling their memberships, Liu Manhong had refunded them already.

The Wan family was elated by the withdrawal of customers and beauticians, and they were boasting about Xianrong’s greatness every single day, even claiming that Hongyan would go bankrupt very soon.

Liu Manhong wouldn’t have been able to hold herself back if she didn’t keep reminding herself of how she would shame the Wans terribly in the near future.

“Yeah. Once Brother Huo is done with the products in a few days’ time, we can start the training,” Xia Xibei said.

New products had to be complemented by new techniques.

Xia Xibei had a set of unique techniques that could maximize the benefits of the products.

“Alright, noted,” Liu Manhong nodded, once again contemplating the series of actions to take next.

Then she looked towards Qiao Yanjue, “Oh, by the way, your mom called a few days ago. She asked me if you’ve gotten yourself a girlfriend.”

Qiao Yanjue’s expression changed theatrically upon hearing that, and he stuttered a bit, “What- What are you talking about?!”

Liu Manhong was speechless.

“It wasn’t me who said it, it was your mom—my older sister that said it. Look at how old you are! You should start looking for a girlfriend if you don’t want your dad to interfere.”

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