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Chapter 337: More Punishment

After discussing what to do next with Huo Zijun, Xia Xibei handed the prescription over to him, then brought back the box of face creams she had made.

When she returned, she went to Liu Manhong’s home first.

“I’ll go see Auntie Hong too.”

Qiao Yanjue didn’t even have to find a reason. After all, Liu Manhong was his aunt.

King Chu barked with excitement as soon as Liu Manhong opened her door.

“Bark! Bark!”

He really missed Xia Xibei, since she had not visited him for days.

When she saw King Chu, Xia Xibei’s face couldn’t help but darken.

She glanced carefully at Qiao Yanjue next to her, relieved to see that he appeared normal.

King Chu had no idea of what was going on in Xia Xibei’s mind. HHe was still very enthusiastic towards her, barking and running around her legs.

Seeing that Xia Xibei did not respond, King Chu grunted and lay on the ground, wriggling to reveal his belly, his tongue sticking out in glee.

“Bark!” Please caress me!

Liu Manhong could not bear to look at how her beloved pup was acting.

She had stopped agonizing over King Chu’s behavior. As long as Xia Xibei was here, she was invisible.

Obliviously, she brought Xia Xibei and Qiao Yanjue inside, insisting, “Come in.”

Xia Xibei went around King Chu, abandoning him behind her.

Although that incident was a few days ago, when she saw King Chu, she still had the urge to discipline him, so it was better to avoid him altogether.

King Chu could not help but be dumbfounded when the imagined caresses didn’t come after he twisted on the floor for a while.

When he turned to look, Xia Xibei had already walked over to the sofa.

“Ow?” King Chu was confused and hurt.

Did the pretty girl not like him anymore?

In its aggravation, the dinner plate fell and landed in front of it, accompanied by Qiao Yanjue’s question, “Auntie Hong, is he hungry?”

Liu Manhong laughed and scolded, “Don’t mind him, he’s just pouting!”

Quietly, Qiao Yanjue pushed the plate in front of King Chu.

“Eat more.”

King Chu watched Qiao Yanjue for a while, then rolled over and got up from the floor. Ignoring the dog food in front of him, he ran over to Xia Xibei.

If the pretty girl wouldn’t caress him, he would caress her!

However, Xia Xibei had not yet stopped being angry at him. Seeing King Chu’s pathetic look, she narrowed her eyes and pointed to the single sofa that was chewed into a mess, asking, “Did you do this?”

King Chu looked at the sofa, which was impossible to tell from the way it was, blinking innocently.


Seeing King Chu still shaking his head, Liu Manhong was exasperated. “Who else could it be? You have not come over for a few days, so he is almost tearing the house apart.”

“Bark!” It’s not me!

“He did it!” Liu Manhong was frustrated and amused. He was quite well-behaved before, but now he was getting rowdier and rowdier.

In the words of other people, he was becoming more and more purebred.

“You’re not admitting your mistake?” Xia Xibei snorted, “Go stand there!”

“Bark?” King Chu was shocked. Why did he have to stand?!

“If you did something wrong and don’t admit to it, you should be disciplined!” Qiao Yanjue gloated from behind them.

Right! He had wanted to give King Chu something tasty to eat, but who knew he would be so ungrateful?

Although King Chu was shocked and aggrieved, he was up against mean and petty humans. The only thing he could do was to go take the punishment.

After he had been standing for 10 minutes, he laid down on the ground, looking devastated.

After disciplining King Chu, Xia Xibei took out the cream.

“This is the face cream I just made. By the way, how is it going over at the Wan family?”

Liu Manhong couldn’t back down from speaking on this topic.

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