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Chapter 336: Obvious Effect

The “model” Huo Zijun found was a 40-something female employee, and because she worked in a pharmacy, she was very concerned about health. Her figure was good, but her face had obvious signs of aging.

After applying this ointment, however, the changes in her were visible to the naked eye!

Her original wrinkles had faded a lot and her skin tone had really brightened up, making her look several years younger!

Because he wanted to see the comparison, Huo Zijun had her apply the ointment to only half of her face.

Because of that, the effect was unmistakable!

The female employee was also amazed when she picked up the mirror.

“This… It is too incredible!”

She could feel the change on her face just now, and the half of her face that had been covered with the ointment seemed to feel much lighter.

“What is this?” She touched her face with a shocked expression.

She knew Huo Zijun wouldn’t let herself do something dangerous, but she didn’t expect that it would be such a good thing!

“This is a wrinkle removal cream,” Xia Xibei explained. “How does it feel?”

“Amazing!” The female employee nodded emphatically, exclaiming, “The effect is really fantastic!”

She had bought many premium skin care products, but she had never experienced this kind of effect.

Some products weren’t bad, but compared to this, they were too far behind.

“If you were to buy this, how much would you be willing to pay?” Xia Xibei laughed again.

“If I can get this effect, I’ll pay four or five thousand yuan!” The female employee said immediately.

Huo Zijun was stunned by her reaction.

The employees in their store didn’t have low incomes but using half a month’s salary to buy a jar of face cream was too much!

He could clearly see what herbs Xia Xibei had used. Those herbs added up to a hundred yuan at the most. Something so low cost could be sold at such a high price? Women’s money was too easy to earn, right?

“Okay, I see.” Xia Xibei smiled and handed her the ointment once again, “Apply it to the other side of your face too.”

The female employee nodded. She nervously but excitedly applied the ointment to the other half of her face, then looked in the mirror for a while before reluctantly leaving.

Only after she went out did Xia Xibei look at Huo Zijun, “What do you think?”

“How many days will the effect last?” Huo Zijun recovered from the shock he had just felt, his mind going straight to making money.

“It depends on the formula,” Xia Xibei said. “I have several formulas, different proportions have different effects.”

Huo Zijun was stunned by Xia Xibei once again.

Who knew there was so much to know here?

“I will write the prescription; you can just follow it.”

Xia Xibei casually picked up the notebook next to him and wrote out the prescription.

Huo Zijun took the prescription, his brain dizzy for a while, before hesitantly asking, “Did you just… You didn’t use the medicine scale?”

The medicine scale was outside, and there was no medicine scale in the room, so exactly how did Xia Xibei know the weight of the herbs?

Different weights had different effects, and a little difference meant a huge error! But Xia Xibei did not use the medicine scale!

Faced with his question, Xia Xibei smiled, “I just weighed them with my hands.”

Huo Zijun’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped to the floor.

“With your hands?!”

No way?! How long did it take to build skills like this? Even elderly doctors didn’t necessarily have these skills!

After the shock, Huo Zijun had more confidence in Xia Xibei, but he was also much more curious.

Just who was she?!

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