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Chapter 326: Complaining to a Parent

Tang Luo’s injury wasn’t serious at all. In fact, it didn’t require any medical attention.

At the hospital, the doctor’s lips twitched when he saw Tang Luo’s wound.

He had thought there was some serious injury from the way they barged in, seemingly in such a hurry!

Eventually, he prescribed some ointments for Tang Luo’s wound and asked them to leave the room.

That was a waste of resources, wasn’t it?! It was only a tiny little wound; couldn’t they just find some ointments to apply on it?

After taking the medication, Xia Xibei seated herself next to Tang Luo. “Let me help you apply this.”

Mo Bonan reached out with a hand, “I’ll do it.”

Xia Xibei raised her head and shot him a glance.

“Brother Mo, why are you still here?”

Mo Bonan didn’t know what to say. What did this little girl mean?!

“I’ve been here the whole time, okay?”

He couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

This little girl was abominable! How could a good-looking girl speak in such an offensive way all the time?

“Oh, sorry, I thought you went back,” Xia Xibei replied unapologetically.

How could she behave like this around a big guy like him, as though he was thin air?

Mo Bonan was extremely puzzled. How on earth had he offended Xia Xibei, to the point that she had to talk to him in such a peculiar, insulting manner?

They had gotten along well enough the last time they met.

Could she have resorted to this hostility because she knew that he didn’t like her?

The more he thought about it, the more suspicious he became.

How was Xia Xibei to know what Mo Bonan was thinking? She rolled up Tang Luo’s pants without further ado, requesting, “Bear with it for a second, it’ll be a little painful.”

In fact, if she was given enough time, she would be able to produce a better ointment which wasn’t just painless but would also yield greater effects.

However, she didn’t have time at the moment.

As he saw Xia Xibei almost putting her hand on Tang Luo’s knee, Mo Bonan spoke up once again, “Let me do it.”

He reached out for the ointment but realized that Xia Xibei’s hand moved away instantly.

Then she avoided his hand entirely!

Mo Bonan’s eyes went completely still.

Xia Xibei flashed him a humorless smile, “Brother Mo, I’ll take care of it. I believe that girls are gentler than you.”

When she finished speaking, she helped Tang Luo disinfect the wound without even looking at Mo Bonan’s sharp gaze.

Despite her smooth, skilled actions, Tang Luo still drew a sharp gasp due to the pain.


Tang Luo shuddered and grimaced.

“Be gentle!” Mo Bonan couldn’t help but interfere.

Xia Xibei looked up and shot him a meaningful glance. She then explained, “This is the antiseptic’s problem, not mine. It’ll still happen even if you do it.”

Mo Bonan fumed, wondering what the heck was wrong with this little girl. He could clearly feel Xia Xibei’s displeasure towards him, and she didn’t even bother to conceal it!

How had he offended her?

“It’s alright, it hurt a little at the beginning, so I couldn’t manage to hold it in, but I’m fine now,” Tang Luo finally spoke. Without bothering Mo Bonan, he told Xia Xibei with a smile, “Carry on.”

“Sure,” Xia Xibei nodded, and continued applying the ointment in a skillful manner.

Mo Bonan didn’t feel good as he watched the youthful pair be so close and intimate with each other.

After a moment of thought, he fumbled to get out his phone.

“Mr. Qiao.”

Xia Xibei looked up abruptly and stared at Mo Bonan in surprise as he spoke on the phone.

“Oh, I’m at the hospital now. Your sister is here as well…”

Mo Bonan only hung up the call after providing the details. He then flashed a smile at Xia Xibei, looking rather wicked. “Your brother is coming over.”

Xia Xibei was speechless. Why did it sound like he was making a complaint to her parents?

It turned out that this brat was so childish?!

However, he was mistaken. Was Qiao Yanjue even her parent?

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