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Chapter 325: Not Happy with You

“What are you here for?”

After putting Tang Luo in the car, Mo Bonan turned around with a dismal look on his face.

“To check on Luo, of course!” Xia Xibei sounded righteous and even a little disgruntled. “If it weren’t for you, Luo wouldn’t have been hurt.”

Mo Bonan’s face turned even darker at this point, but he was at a loss for words.

If he hadn’t decided to use force, Tang Luo wouldn’t have been so unlucky.

Once she was done grumbling, Xia Xibei pushed him out of the way and got into the car, seating herself next to Tang Luo.

Xia Xibei’s actions greatly angered Mo Bonan.

How could a girl be so bold and unreserved?! Besides, shouldn’t she be afraid of him?

Mo Bonan knew that people wouldn’t usually get near him. Even the chief executives at his company behaved tentatively around him.

But Xia Xibei was way too dauntless, wasn’t she?! How dare she just shoved him out of her way like that!

Mo Bonan’s face was dark and ashen as he fought the urge to throw Xia Xibei out of the car.

Before he could act, however, Xia Xibei had started instructing the driver.

“Sir, please drive fast.”

She then looked towards Mo Bonan, “Brother Mo, you may leave first if you’re busy. I’ll send Tang Luo to the hospital.”

All the while, Tang Luo had stayed silent and kept his head low.

He hadn’t yet recovered from the “princess carry” that Mo Bonan gave him a while ago!

Mo Bonan’s face was extremely dark, and the look in his eyes as he stared at Xia Xibei was almost murderous.

How could this girl not be scared of him at all?

Not only was Xia Xibei unafraid of him, she was also very unsatisfied with him.

From what she could see, Mo Bonan must be very clear about Tang Luo’s relationship with the Zhang family, as Tang Luo had been living with the Mo family for a few years now.

Even if he wasn’t clear about all the love and hate involved, he should at least have known that the two had an awkward, tense relationship.

In that case, shouldn’t Mo Bonan keep his distance from the Zhangs?

Sure enough, Xia Xibei knew that her request was somewhat demanding.

Perhaps as far as Mo Bonan was concerned, Tang Luo was only a pathetic young man who depended upon his family for a living, and that his identity wasn’t important because it wouldn’t bring any benefit to the Mo family.

Therefore, he chose to collaborate with the Zhangs instead.

That was reasonable, because it was the nature of humans to seek benefits, especially wealthy people like the Mos, who certainly put their interests above all.

Hence, she couldn’t stop Mo Bonan from collaborating with the Zhang family. Neither did she have the appropriate status and rights to do so.

However, since Mo Bonan had chosen to work with the Zhang’s, he shouldn’t pretend to care about Tang Luo.

It was absurd and exhausting!

Xia Xibei was concerned about Tang Luo, so her attitude only got worse when she faced Mo Bonan.

Tang Luo was a good friend, but Mo Bonan meant nothing to her.

“Sir, please begin to drive,” Xia Xibei told the driver.

Mo Bonan was shocked. How dare this little girl?!

However, he didn’t continue arguing with Xia Xibei, but strode to the other side of the car, getting ready to get inside.

When he opened the door, however, his face turned even darker.

The passenger seats, which should have accommodated three people, had been fully occupied by the two of them.

He stared at the two for a while, and eventually walked to the co-driver seat with a gloomy face.

“Start driving now!”

He slammed the door shut with a loud bang as he gave his command in a cold voice.

The driver shuddered a little and started driving right away.

In the back seats, Xia Xibei snorted softly and pulled a face at the back of Mo Bonan’s head, looking extremely disdainful.

Then she comforted Tang Luo, “Don’t worry, this is no big deal.”

This was just some simple abrasion. In fact, they didn’t have to go to the hospital because she could take care of it.

Since Mo Bonan was so “helpful” however, they wouldn’t turn down his offer.

It was better to be at the hospital than to look at Zhang Yiqi’s face.

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