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Chapter 323: The Encounter

Xia Xibei knew what to do after hearing Tang Luo’s story.

After talking, the two of them finished their meal and got up to leave.

Just as they reached the entrance of the restaurant, the two of them stopped in their tracks.

A few people came from the other side, attracting everyone’s attention.

The man in the lead was tall, handsome, and had a powerful aura.

He was accompanied by a young woman who was very close to him, a shy smile on her pretty face.

However, she didn’t dare to get too close, lest the man be displeased.

The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful, making them very eye-catching. Even if the relationship between them did not look too intimate, it still made people wonder.

In addition to these two, there was another young man and two middle-aged men.

The young man had good features, slightly shorter but also handsome. However, his slightly sycophantic smile made him much less handsome.

The other two middle-aged men were likely executives of some company. Both had the same ingratiating look for the tall man in the middle.

Tang Luo’s face instantly fell upon seeing this group of people.

Xia Xibei looked over there and then at Tang Luo, instinctively holding his hand and giving him comfort.

She didn’t expect that they would see Zhang Yiqi right after talking about her. It was really a coincidence!

Of course, the bigger coincidence was that Mo Bonan was here too.

Needless to say, they could all see what Zhang Yiqi was thinking about Mo Bonan.

Xia Xibei understood it now. No wonder Zhang Yiqi left halfway through the game; she left for Mo Bonan.

Tang Luo looked at them indifferently, various thoughts churning through his mind.

Still, he pulled Xia Xibei backwards.

No need to confront them.

Xia Xibei nodded and stepped back with him.

It was just that the two of them already stood out with their superb looks. When they moved, the eyes of the people around them followed them.

Then, Mo Bonan and his group also looked over.

After meeting Mo Bonan’s eyes, Tang Luo immediately lowered his eyes and avoided his gaze.

Mo Bonan froze for a moment, and when he saw Tang Luo and Xia Xibei holding hands, a nameless fire flared up in his heart.

He said he was playing basketball at school, but he was actually on a date!

Were all kids these days so rebellious?

He marched over, exuding a powerful aura.

When Zhang Yiqi saw Tang Luo from the back, her expression suddenly changed, and her face appeared ugly.

Looking at Mo Bonan’s movements, she couldn’t help but bite her lip, her eyes flashing with a hint of resentment.

“Why are you guys here?” Mo Bonan walked up to the two of them, his tall figure adding a heart-stopping pressure.

“For dinner,” Tang Luo said, lowering his eyes and not meeting his gaze.

“Dinner?” Mo Bonan’s voice was even colder, his eyes lingering on their clasped hands. “Are you sure?”

“Or what?”

A resentment welled up in Tang Luo’s heart, and all the hatred and resentment present almost exploded at this moment.

However, he held back and held Xia Xibei’s hand forcefully.

Sensing his change of mood, Xia Xibei’s eyes flashed and her hand also gripped his cold hand with extreme force.

Looking at such intimate actions coming from the beautiful teenage couple in front of him, Mo Bonan’s face suddenly sank.

They were treating him like he didn’t exist! They hadn’t even let go of their hands!

“When you said you were going to try to get into college, is this what you meant?” His eyes narrowed slightly as he stared at the two sarcastically.

“I will work hard.”

Tang Luo’s expression was indifferent.

His cold expression almost made Mo Bonan, who had always been emotionally stable, explode.

“Brother Mo, these two are…?” Zhang Yiqi’s voice rang out at just the right time.

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