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Chapter 324: Fighting Over Tang Luo

Zhang Yiqi walked next to Mo Bonan, a smile on her face.

“Brother Mo, these two are…?”

She acted like she didn’t know the two of them and posed as if she was familiar with Mo Bonan. Tang Luo and Xia Xibei couldn’t help but chuckle to themselves.

Before Tang Luo and Mo Bonan could say anything, Xia Xibei laughed.

“Brother Mo, this is your girlfriend, right? You two are a really good-looking couple!”

These words shocked the people across from them.

Zhang Yiqi blushed, shyly peeking at Mo Bonan, and had a much better impression of Xia Xibei.

She didn’t expect Xia Xibei to say such a thing, but it spoke to her heart.

Mo Bonan’s face dimmed.

His girlfriend?!

“You’re mistaken, she’s not my girlfriend.”

He didn’t take it easy on Zhang Yiqi, outright denying the relationship.

Zhang Yiqi’s face suddenly turned white. She was ashamed now, a sudden change from the earlier shyness and joy.

She did not expect Mo Bonan to deny the relationship between them so bluntly.

Looking at Zhang Yiqi’s miserable pale face and hurt expression, Xia Xibei and Tang Luo laughed madly in their hearts.

“Oh, Brother Mo, don’t deny it!” Xia Xibei waved her hand, “We understand. Right, Ah Luo?”

Ah Luo?

This intimate title made Mo Bonan’s face turn even more unpleasant.

When did these two get this close?

In Mo Bonan’s opinion, Tang Luo was just a kid. How could he suddenly be so close to the opposite sex?

Tang Luo, however, nodded, a bright smile appearing on his previously cold face. “Yeah, Brother Bonan, don’t deny it. We all understand.”

Mo Bonan only felt a puff of air block in his chest; he was almost not breathing.

They understood? What did they understand?

Zhang Yiqi’s mood also returned to shyness from her earlier shame, and her impression of Tang Luo was much better than before.

At least he had some sense. She would be merciful to him, seeing that he was so sensible.

“Well, Beibei and I will leave you guys alone.” Tang Luo’s smile was overwhelmingly bright. “You guys take your time and talk.”

After saying that, he pulled Xia Xibei and prepared to walk outside.

“Stop!” Mo Bonan stepped up and reached out to pull Tang Luo’s other hand.

Mo Bonan had great strength, and Xia Xibei’s strength was not so little either.


Tang Luo felt like a rag doll being fought over by two people, and it hurt so much that he cried out in pain.

Hearing his scream, Xia Xibei and Mo Bonan’s hearts jumped and they both let go at the same time.

However, because they both let go at the same time, Tang Luo had no time to react. He stumbled for a few steps, tripped over himself, and fell to the ground.


His knee hit the ground, and the pain brought tears to his eyes.

“Ah Luo!”

“Little Luo!”

Xia Xibei and Mo Bonan were both startled, rushing forward.

“Are you alright?”

Xia Xibei moved a little faster than Mo Bonan. She squatted down and pulled Tang Luo’s pants up, the pale skin bruised and some blood present.

Tang Luo jerked backwards at her movement, hissing in pain.

“I’ll take you to the hospital!”

Mo Bonan’s action was more direct. He picked Tang Luo off the ground in one motion.

His face showed anxiety and a hint of regret. He didn’t think that he would hurt Tang Luo.

“President Mo?”

Zhang Yibin couldn’t resist coming over. They still had business to discuss, after all.

“Sorry, I have something I need to do. We’ll talk about it next time.”

After he spoke, Mo Bonan held Tang Luo, whose face was bright red, and quickly walked outside, leaving the others behind.

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