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Chapter 315: Nie Zehai’s New Drama Started Airing

There was no way Xia Xibei was a fool, so how would she just let herself be in danger without doing anything?

As far as she could tell, Qiao Yanjue posed no threat to her.

Besides, if Qiao Yanjue really dared to do anything to her… Haha! It was hard to tell who would suffer most in the end.

So when Qiao Yanjue went to take a shower, she took the remote and turned on the TV in a casual manner.

She stopped changing channels when she got to a particular one.

It was Pomelo TV. The national coverage and ratings of this channel were pretty great, with both the variety shows and the dramas that it aired being fairly popular.

Sure enough, all the big channels nowadays had their own trump cards. Dramas and variety shows were burgeoning like flowers in spring, and it wasn’t easy to gain fame.

“Legend of Qinghe,” which was airing at the moment, was one that Nie Zehai had starred in. The second male lead that Nie Zehai played in it happened to be the reason he became popular.

“Legend of Qinghe” was a historical drama, based upon the story of a girl named Qinghe.

Qinghe was the real princess who had been swapped with a fake one, and she was only found after becoming an adult.

Even after her return, however, her life wasn’t quite smooth sailing because of what she had been through.

Having grown up in the rural areas, she seemed like a boorish, uneducated, ignorant peasant to others.

However, she was bright, energetic, and compassionate in nature, and there was a fresh air of vitality about her that the big urban house never had.

She grew up fighting and bickering with the cocky male lead, helping and complementing each other along the way.

They pulled through all sorts of hardships and hurdles until they finally became mature, getting together in the end.

Meanwhile, the second male lead of the story, Qi Chen, who was played by Nie Zehai, had also been of great help to her.

That was also how Qi Chen became a male character who was adored by many. Lots of viewers spoke up for him due to the unfair treatment that he received in the drama.

Why couldn’t the female lead ever see him, despite how handsome and gentle and amazing he was? Why would she even fall for the annoying, domineering, and unreasonable male lead?

Xia Xibei watched the drama quietly for a while, finally understanding the cause of the audience’s displeasure.

The actor who played the male lead was the idol Xu Hening, who became super popular last year. He was a young, handsome celebrity with a large number of fans.

This drama could be said to have been filmed because of him, as he had a strong fan base.

If it turned out good, it would take his career to a new height.

However, it was a huge pity that despite his popularity, his acting was bad!

Furthermore, he had always been on the rush for job after job ever since he became famous, leaving him with no time to hone his acting skills.

It was especially obvious when he appeared in the same scene as Nie Zehai, who always went the extra mile to improve his acting and treated his work seriously. Anyone could see the stark contrast between their acting skills.

His character should have been a cocky but adorable cutie who didn’t know how to express his feelings, but the way he portrayed him made the character seem like a mean person with a vicious mouth and a terrible attitude.

Moreover, his facial expressions were exaggerated too. He opened his eyes wide most of the time and frowned unnecessarily, as though there was no other way to bring out the character’s domineering and cocky nature.

Now take a look at Nie Zehai, and see how he expressed affection and fortitude. His character never begged requital for his love, and he had no regrets nor grudges…

It was all clear and obvious in every little expression that he made and the look in his eyes.

The disparity between their acting was insane when the two of them stood next to each other!

The female lead acted fairly well, although she put in a little too much effort at times. Nie Zehai, however, always looked at her with an affectionate smile in his eyes, which made people swoon at first sight.

Therefore, it wasn’t unexpected that Xu Hening got critiqued terribly and Nie Zehai became popular overnight.

It was just the way in which things would unfold next that was rather unexpected.

As she thought of what happened to Nie Zehai in her past life, Xia Xibei gazed at the floor in silence, a solemn look in her eyes.

“I’m done showering,” Qiao Yanjue said from behind her.

Xia Xibei turned around to look and couldn’t help but be taken aback.

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