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Chapter 316: Quite a Good Big Brother

Qiao Yanjue was wearing a casual set of pajamas, which was neither skin-tight nor revealing, but his broad-shouldered, long-legged, impressive body shape simply couldn’t be hidden.

His hair was damp, and his slightly long fringe was loose in front of his forehead. His cheeks were somewhat rosy from the steam, which made him look a few years younger, like a supple, innocent youth.

Xia Xibei raised her brows.

She had always known that Qiao Yanjue was good-looking, but this was the very first time she saw this young, harmless side to Qiao Yanjue. It felt kind of special.

Qiao Yanjue walked up to her, and smiled, “I’m done showering.”

Looking at his wet hair, Xia Xibei shook her head, “Wipe your hair dry first.”

“Sure,” Qiao Yanjue nodded, going to get himself a towel.

Xia Xibei’s focus was returned to the TV once again.

“Is this show good?” Qiao Yanjue asked while wiping his hair.

He could tell that this was the kind of drama that targeted little girls. Was she really interested in dramas like that?

“It’s alright.”

“These two are the main leads? It looks like… There’s a huge gap between their acting skills.”

Xia Xibei laughed.

The scene happened to be showing the parts between Qi Chen and Qinghe, and the contrast was striking indeed.

“It’s the female lead and the second male lead,” Xia Xibei explained, “Oh, by the way, this is the guy who got me the chance to audition before. He’s Nie Zehai.”

Qiao Yanjue, in the middle of wiping his hair, went abruptly still and the look in his eyes turned somewhat dangerous.

“He’s the one?”

“Yea.” Xia Xibei didn’t seem to notice his reaction, continuing to talk with a smile, “He’s Yu Ziqi’s cousin; he’s quite a great guy.”

Quite a great guy…

Qiao Yanjue’s face turned even darker.

As he saw how Xia Xibei’s eyes were glued on Nie Zehai, Qiao Yanjue gasped out of nowhere, “Ahh!”

Xia Xibei turned around to check on him instantly, “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Yanjue scowled and clutched at his chest with a hand, informing her, “It suddenly hurt just now.”


Xia Xibei leaned towards him right away and grabbed his wrist.

However, her frown loosened after checking his pulse. “There’s nothing wrong with you though.”

Qiao Yanjue laughed, “Perhaps it’s just some fleeting discomfort. It shouldn’t be a problem.” Then he quickly wiped his hair dry, and said, “We can start now.”


“How about turning off the TV first?” he suggested in a serious manner.

“Sure,” Xia Xibei said, not minding at all.

This was Qiao Yanjue’s house, he definitely called the shots.

Besides, one should concentrate during a massage, and not be distracted by all these noises.

Qiao Yanjue heaved a sigh of relief after the TV was turned off, and Nie Zehai’s face could no longer be seen.

“You should lie down. It’s more comfortable that way,” Xia Xibei suggested.

Qiao Yanjue nodded, and obediently layed down on the sofa.

Xia Xibei then placed her hands on his head. Starting from the temples, her hands traveled along the plexuses of the head towards the top of his head.

Qiao Yanjue had been having some other thoughts at the beginning, but as Xia Xibei began massaging, all those thoughts disappeared from his mind.

The force she applied was just right, and she was precise in identifying the plexuses. As she carried on, he felt as if all his stress had vanished and he could relax his body completely.

Xia Xibei’s hands traveled back and forth in Qiao Yanjue’s freshly washed hair, and all she could smell was the light fragrance of his shampoo.

She felt like swooning a little bit. She had never pictured a scene as cozy and harmonious as this before.

A good ten minutes later, she withdrew her hands.

“Brother Qiao, it’s done.”

However, Qiao Yanjue was fast asleep.

“Brother Qiao?”

Although she didn’t want to wake him up, it wasn’t quite appropriate for him to be sleeping here.

She reached out her hand to tug at his arm, but a pulling force assaulted her the next second, and she couldn’t help but fall forward.

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