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Chapter 312: Buy Everything

Xia Xibei knew that the current Qiao Yanjue was different from the cold, aloof Master Jue she had known in her previous life. Moreover, she had gradually come to accept that Qiao Yanjue was different.

However, looking at Qiao Yanjue, who was holding clothes and gesturing in front of her, Xia Xibei still felt that she knew very little about him!

In her perception, even if Qiao Yanjue bought clothes for himself, he would only have them measured and delivered to his home.

Buying clothes outside like this could not have happened to him, let alone trying on clothes.

Did Qiao Yanjue get the wrong script?!

“This is a nice set, want to try it on?” Qiao Yanjue did not know that Xia Xibei was trolling him madly in her mind.

He looked at the peach-colored sportswear in his hand and was quite pleased. Xia Xibei’s fair skin looked good in every color, and red looked even better on her.

“No need.” Xia Xibei pursed the corners of her mouth and tried to refuse.

“You don’t like this color?” Qiao Yanjue’s brow furrowed as if he’d encountered some dilemma and picked up another color. “What about this one?”

“The colors are fine, but-”

“You don’t like the style?”

“No, no, the style is also good. It’s-”

“But you don’t like trying on clothes?” Qiao Yanjue immediately responded.

Yes, trying on clothes could be quite troublesome.

Moreover, there had been so many people in the fitting room and all kinds of smells, it was really not too clean. Anyway, he would not try on clothes outside.

The corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth convulsed, and without waiting for her to speak, Qiao Yanjue nodded to show that he understood, “Well then, there’s no need to try them on.”

Xia Xibei breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he was finally back to normal, but to her surprise, he turned his head to the salespeople waiting next to him and ordered, “Wrap all these up. One set of each color.”

The salespeople’s hearts jumped, and they immediately beamed with joy as they watched him point out almost all the new women’s styles.

They really were rich!

“Yes sir! We’ll prepare them in the lady’s size. Please wait a moment.”

After that, they quickly stepped forward and took the clothes off the racks.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Xia Xibei was dumbfounded and quickly shouted at them to stop, “Please stop! Brother Qiao! Why are you buying so many clothes?!”

She only came over today to buy a set of red basketball jerseys.

The key point—red basketball jerseys!

But what was happening now?

These clothes, in addition to basketball uniforms, soccer uniforms, tennis uniforms… Oh, and swimsuits!

Qiao Yanjue was very calm as he explained, “These clothes are good and really suit you. And it’s better to have them ready for you to use than to buy them when you need them!”

He had to take care of all the possibilities!

If she had all the clothes ready, she wouldn’t have to wear other boys’ clothes.

Xia Xibei was shocked, speechless, and unable to react.

“Do you think I’m going to be an athlete?” And the all-around kind at that!

“Of course not! It’s exhausting to be an athlete!” Qiao Yanjue shook his head, “But it’s good to be prepared.”

Who knew what competition she was going to enter afterwards? Of course they had to be prepared!

“Oh, do you need shoes?”

Looking at Qiao Yanjue’s eyes light up, Xia Xibei suddenly became anxious, “No need! I have plenty of shoes!”

“Protective gear?”



“No!” Xia Xibei looked helpless. “Brother Qiao, what’s wrong with you today?”

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