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Chapter 311: Buy Another Set

Although Xia Xibei was curious about how exactly Uncle Chen had got these clothes like this, it was just an ordinary piece of clothing, and he apologized so sincerely, so she couldn’t blame him.

“Miss Xia, I’m really sorry! I was so careless!” Uncle Chen was full of apologies, “How about this? I’ll pay you back for a set of clothes!”

“No need,” Xia Xibei refused, “It’s okay.”

This set of clothes was at most 15 dollars. After all, when Tang Luo bought it before, he did not care too much.

“This won’t do!” Uncle Chen still insisted. “I ruined it, so I have to pay for it.”

“It’s really fine,” Xia Xibei still refused.


“All right,” Qiao Yanjue interrupted their conversation, “No need to argue, just buy another one.” He had a righteous expression as he continued, “Isn’t it just a uniform? Buy another set.”

“Boss, I-”

Qiao Yanjue raised his hand to stop his words, “Alright. Since I’m your boss, listen to me.”


Xia Xibei wanted to say something, but she was interrupted too.

“Uncle Chen is my employee. He did something wrong, so of course I should be responsible for it.” He had a serious face as he spoke, “Well, it’s not a big deal. Don’t make it so complicated.”

As he spoke, he took Xia Xibei to the car.

Xia Xibei was speechless for a moment and could only be led to the car.

“Uncle Chen, drive. Let’s go to a nearby mall.”

“Ok,” Uncle Chen nodded and breathed a sigh of relief.

Luckily, the mission was done! As for the uniform, it had just been thrown into the trash.

He wondered how long it would take to wash it after it was ruined by so much food.

Even if it was washed, it couldn’t be worn again.

In the car, Xia Xibei was once again puzzled, wondering how Uncle Chen had gotten involved with the uniform.

Obviously, the uniform was in the back seat! Even if he wanted to eat, he didn’t have to eat in the back seat, did he?

However, she didn’t have time to ask any more questions before Qiao Yanjue spoke up.

“Just the red jerseys? Do you need the other colors?”

Qiao Yanjue was a bit excited. He seemed to want to have a set of uniforms in every color for Xia Xibei.

“Just red is fine,” Xia Xibei answered.

“But don’t you have to keep playing? You might clash colors with others! It’d be better to buy all the colors.” Qiao Yanjue had a serious look on his face as he voiced his thoughts.

“No need!” Xia Xibei immediately shook her head, “If we do have the same color, we will consider it as a team then.”

With that said, when they reached the store, the situation was out of her control.

“This color is quite nice,” Qiao Yanjue said while standing in front of a row of women’s uniforms.

By the look on his face, you would think he was giving orders!

“Sir, you have great taste. This is our new style, and the colors are all very nice. As this young lady is so pretty and has a good figure, it would definitely look good on her!”

Just now, when Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibei came in, the salespeople in the store were all shocked.

The guy was gorgeous! The girl was beautiful! What a stunning couple!

Moreover, from the two people’s clothing and temperament, it seemed that they were definitely rich!

The salespeople immediately perked up.

Ignoring the number of items they could sell, just being able to get close to these gorgeous people was enough to make them happy for the day.

Such beautiful men and women were not often seen in their stores.

“This color is great.”

Qiao Yanjue took a set of clothes, walked toward Xia Xibei, and gestured twice, his eyes instantly lighting up.

“It really looks good!”

The corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched, feeling that the scene was a bit fantastical.

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