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Chapter 306: I’m Joining Too

Huo Zijun was very surprised.

Previously, they were planning to collaborate and produce medicine.

Since there was only one type of medicine, however, there was no need to set up a company. All they needed to do was attach it under the Huo family’s company.

But Xia Xibei was talking about setting up a company now?

That was something of an entirely different nature.

“You wanna set up a company?” Huo Zijun’s expression was rather solemn.

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded, looking equally solemn. “I’ve thought it through. I have quite a number of formulas at hand, so it’ll be more suitable to set up a company.”

Besides, her status would be different if she had a company.

Huo Zijun scowled, “How many formulas do you have?”

Xia Xibei started counting with her fingers, “Facial products, eye products, body products…”

Huo Zijun became more amazed as he listened to her speak and couldn’t help but have more speculations about Xia Xibei.

How could an ordinary girl possibly have so many miraculous medicinal formulas?

Huo Zijun felt as though he had just discovered some kind of secret.

“After producing them, we can sell and use them in services through Sister Hong’s salon. Once the production scale goes up, we can start selling them on the market,” Xia Xibei stated her plans.

She wasn’t familiar with business and commerce, so all she could say was just some rough ideas that she had. Most importantly, however, she owned the formulas.

With the formulas in hand, the world was hers to conquer.

Huo Zijun had a deep frown on his face, and he did not agree with her immediately.

“If the effects of the medicines are fine, setting up a company is no big deal.”

All the commercial activities and development were based upon the effects yielded by the medicines.

If these things really were as great as Xia Xibei had claimed, then it wasn’t a problem at all.

There were so many pharmaceutical companies out there, all of them investing large amounts of time and effort in producing better medicines and enhancing their effects.

“You don’t have to worry about the effects,” Xia Xibei said confidently, “I’ll be able to show you the effects tomorrow.”

Huo Zijun raised his brows, “Alright. If it goes well, then we’ll have no problem setting up a company.”

They were probably the only ones who could talk about opening a pharmaceutical company so casually, as if it was just a part of their normal routine.

However, one of them had wealth and an extensive network, and the other had formulas. Perhaps setting up a company really was as simple as that.

“I’m joining too,” Qiao Yanjue spoke out of nowhere from the side.

The two of them were taken aback for a moment.

“You’re joining too?”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded, his expression serious. “I’m very interested in what you’re doing, and I think that your company has great prospects!”

Huo Zijun’s lips twitched, shooting him a look of disdain.

Qiao Yanjue remained unruffled, and turned to look solemnly at Xia Xibei, “Besides, I believe in your capacity. Your formulas surely are perfect!”

Huo Zijun was speechless.

What an exaggerated flatter!

Xia Xibei was surprised, “But it seems like you have no experience in this field, do you?”

The reason she chose to collaborate with the Huo family was c because they had good connections and a great deal of experience in this field, which would make them more efficient in dealing with the products.

The Qiao family, however, was different. Wouldn’t it be a reckless move for them to join without a justifiable purpose?

Qiao Yanjue laughed, “Indeed, we haven’t dealt with this area before, but that’s exactly why I want to join. We have to get some exposure in order to explore more possibilities, don’t we? It’s time for me to find some new ventures as well.”

Xia Xibei couldn’t help but nod.

The Qiao family was a complicated one. Now that Qiao Yanjue hadn’t taken complete control of the Qiao’s, he had to develop his own forces indeed.

“Rest assured, I won’t be a burden to you guys,” Qiao Yanjue guaranteed.

Xia Xibei wasn’t worried that he would be a burden.

In fact, Qiao Yanjue’s joining could actually be a protective shield instead.

“Alright then,” she nodded, then turned to look at Huo Zijun. “Brother Huo, what do you think?”

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