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Chapter 305: How Bros Get Along

Huo Zijun almost wanted to flip the table over!

Qiao Yanjue had ordered five to six dishes by now.

Huo Zijun knew that Qiao Yanjue had to practice martial arts on a daily basis. His strength was far greater than they had imagined, and neither was he as feeble as he appeared.

Thus, it was reasonable that he ate a lot to keep up with his energy consumption.

However, Huo Zijun couldn’t tolerate the fact that none of those dishes matched his preferences.

This brat was so shameless!

Faced with Huo Zijun’s anger, all Qiao Yanjue did was raise his head for a second and shoot him a glance, his face as calm as always.

“What are you fussing over? I’m not done ordering yet.”

Huo Zijun shot him a glare, “Are you even sure we can finish that much?”

Qiao Yanjue ate a lot, but they didn’t!

“Why can’t we?” Qiao Yanjue shot him a puzzled look, “Don’t judge our appetite with your tiny little stomach. Besides, you’ve eaten with us before, haven’t you?”

Huo Zijun’s lips twitched, finally recalling what had happened the last time.

They had indeed dined together a couple of days ago.

That time, however, all of his attention was focused on the medicines that Xia Xibei was talking about he didn’t even notice how much they had eaten.

Now that he really thought about it, it seemed like they had eaten a lot indeed.

Qiao Yanjue didn’t need to be mentioned. He practiced martial arts after all, so his energy consumption would naturally be greater than those of others.

But how was Xia Xibei’s appetite as good as his though? She looked so skinny and weak!

However, as he thought about how Xia Xibei had rescued Qiao Yanjue twice, Huo Zijun finally came to realize that something wasn’t quite right.

How could an ordinary girl like her possibly be able to rescue Qiao Yanjue? She would be good enough to not become his burden.

Furthermore, would an ordinary girl even be able to present him with such magical medicines?

Could she possibly be the heir of some secretive, prestigious family?

The more he thought about it, the more in awe he became. Huo Zijun began to look at Xia Xibei with deep bemusement.

“What are you looking at?” Qiao Yanjue gave him a pat, “I’m ordering dishes for you now, aren’t I?”

Huo Zijun looked down at the menu and couldn’t help but say sarcastically, “These are your favorites, aren’t they?”

He really couldn’t count on this guy.

Huo Zijun snatched over the ordering tablet, “Enough, I’ll be ordering the rest.”

Qiao Yanjue shrugged and said nothing.

He had ordered what he wanted anyway.

Xia Xibei felt envy as she watched the duo fighting and bickering playfully.

Others might think Qiao Yanjue was a snobby, aloof man who was unapproachable.

Although Huo Zijun was polite and elegant, he was still the child of a prestigious, wealthy family. No matter how close he was with someone, there would always be some kind of barrier between him and others.

No one would have expected that this was how the two of them acted in private.

This was how good friends or good bros should get along. Having no regards for personal image, or whether the other person would be offended, just casually bickering and mocking at each other.

After ordering two dishes that he liked, Huo Zijun pressed “confirm.” Now all they had to do was wait for the food to be served.

After ordering dishes, the core topic of the day was brought up.

“Have you finished manufacturing the medicine already?” Huo Zijun asked.

“No,” Xia Xibei shook her head.

“Not yet?” Huo Zijun was rather disappointed, he thought Xia Xibei might have the actual product ready by now.

“I have some new thoughts on it,” Xia Xibei said in a serious tone.

“What kind of thoughts?”

“I’d like to add some other things on the basis that we’ve agreed upon.”

Both Huo Zijun and Qiao Yanjue looked at her in bewilderment, waiting for her to continue.

“Apart from the medicines that we discussed earlier, I’d like to produce some skincare products.”

Huo Zijun was surprised, questioning, “Skincare products?”

“Yes,” Xia Xibei nodded, “I have a few formulas here, which are very effective.”

“But the nature of the products will be different in that case.”

“I know. That’s why I’m thinking of setting up a company with you.”

“Setting up a company?!”

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