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Chapter 302: Not Reproducible

After Song Jiaren’s excitement died down, she finally noticed Yu Ziqi next to her. Pulling him over, she asked, “So? Did you get the shot?”

They shared their work. She was responsible for cheering and screaming, while Yu Ziqi was responsible for taking pictures.

Yu Ziqi’s photography skills were very good. He took out his cell phone and camera, confirming, “Got the shots!”

They wanted to record Xia Xibei’s best moments!

Xia Xibei would be a big star in the future. When she became famous and they put these old photos up, it would certainly amaze everyone.

Yu Ziqi clicked on the video and fast-forwarded to Xia Xibei’s shot.

On camera, Xia Xibei was so heroic that the others all became her accompaniment.

She was so fabulous, especially when she scored!

Yu Ziqi was talking excitedly, “You were really amazing just now! If I had your strength, it would be so great!”

Song Jiaren wrinkled her nose, looked him up and down, then shook her head in disgust. “You? Better forget it!”

“You are looking down on me?!” Yu Ziqi asked in annoyance.

“Yeah,” Song Jiaren nodded nonchalantly, “Your height… It is not enough! Besides, can anyone match Beibei?”

These words made Yu Ziqi fall silent.

He really couldn’t say that he was as good as Xia Xibei.

“You can start practicing now!” Xia Xibei reassured him. “Work hard for a few years…”

“And I will be as strong as you?” Yu Ziqi instantly asked.

Xia Xibei blinked, her face unchanging. “Anything is possible!”

With these words, Yu Ziqi immediately perked up, “Okay, I’ll work on it starting tomorrow!”

They looked at each other and fell silent.

Even Song Jiaren did not say anything to contradict him. Could a sorceress like Xia Xibei be easily replicated by anyone else?

Yu Ziqi was chubby, not very tall, and did not exercise much. It would be really difficult for him to catch up with Xia Xibei, but no one attacked his confidence.

As Xia Xibei had said, anything was possible!

As the game had ended, everyone began to leave.

Meng Xuelei and several others came over.

“Sister Bei, do you want to eat together?”

After today’s game, their relationship with Xia Xibei was instantly better.

Previously, they felt that Xia Xibei was unattainable, but today there were no such thoughts at all.

Of course, their romantic intentions had also disappeared.

Previously, they had felt that Xia Xibei was soft and weak, needing their care and pity.

Now they understood reality—they were the ones who needed care and pity!

Xia Xibei was an Amazon goddess!

Although she seemed skinny and her thin waist looked ready to break, they all knew that this was just an illusion!

Her monster-like strength and stamina were especially enviable and frightening.

She was not a girl they could navigate, so they very gladly called her “Sister Bei.”

“No, I have plans.”

“OK. We’re off. We’re starving.”

They didn’t insist, waving goodbye instead.

Xia Xibei changed back into her own clothes and walked out while saying to Tang Luo, “I’ll take the uniform back and return it to you after washing it.”

“No, you keep it. I didn’t wear it anyway,” Tang Luo shook his head and chuckled, “Besides, you have competitions coming up.”

Xia Xibei did not refuse, “Okay, then. I’ll keep wearing it.”

They were talking while walking out of the school entrance.

“Miss Xia, over here!”

Hearing Uncle Chen’s voice, Xia Xibei turned to look in his direction, then froze.

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