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Chapter 301: A Bloodbath for the Opponent


Looking at the numbers on the scoreboard, the students in the fifth class were silent.

Such tragic numbers made them all speechless.

Half time had now passed, but the score had stretched to the point where they could never recover.

Moreover, they also realized that Xia Xibei did not change too much after a long and strenuous run, still so calm and collected.

Was she a monster?!

At the beginning, Xia Xibei’s performance had shocked them all, but they consoled themselves by thinking that even if Xia Xibei was that good, she was no match for the boys in terms of physical strength.

When she became tired, she would be worthless.

But to their surprise, after half-time, while everyone else was exhausted and panting, but she was still effortless.

If it wasn’t for her sweating, people would think she was a robot and never got tired!

Looking at the girl who moved like wind on the court, everyone had mixed feelings. The students from third class were no exception.

Xia Xibei had scored at least 30 of those 40 points, and that was in her relaxed state!

As long as the ball was in her hands, there could only be one result.

No one could stop her, let alone take the ball from her hands.

And, shockingly, she was also very good at three-point shooting! This was ridiculous!

She relaxed a lot after scoring a dozen points with her strong attack at the start of the game.

Also, because of the toughness she had displayed earlier, the other team dispatched a couple of people to keep an eye on her.

It was pointless, however.

Although other players in the third class were far less powerful than Xia Xibei, they were still evenly matched to the fifth class.

Now that their opponents had gone to defend against Xia Xibei, it would be strange if they still couldn’t get points.

So the difference in score grew larger and larger.

It wasn’t yet the last moment, but the players from the fifth class had lost their confidence.

They were not professional players; they were the amateurs of amateurs, not to mention their mental capacity.

They couldn’t stay strong after this bloodbath.

Toward the end of the game, never mind rallying, they could not even score a few more points.

Their lack of fighting spirit affected the others, with even their cheerleaders remaining silent.

When the referee’s whistle sounded, they were relieved—finally!

As for the 62:16 score, they didn’t have time to care.

“Sister Bei! Sister Bei! Sister Bei!”

“Third class! Third class! Third class!”

The students in the third class were going crazy with excitement. It was awesome!

Xia Xibei was too fierce!

Meng Xuelei and several other players rushed towards Xia Xibei and tried to lift her up, but she quickly slipped away.

Xia Xibei wasn’t interested in things like this.

Meng Xuelei and the others watched her fleeing back with dumbfounded expressions. How did she have any energy left?!

At the end of the game, the fifth class had no fighting spirit left, but they still ran the whole course.

They were about to become useless, but she still ran so fast?

Was she even human? Or did she take some kind of stimulant?!

Xia Xibei avoided the siege of people, but she could not avoid a hug from Song Jiaren.

“Beibei, you’re amazing! You’re my idol!” she screamed while squeezing Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei shuddered at her voice and pushed her head away, “I know you worship me, but don’t get so excited.”

Tang Luo also came over, unable to hide the excitement on his face as he exclaimed, “You’re too good!”

Xia Xibei raised her eyebrows at him, “How about it? Your older sister didn’t lie to you, right?”

Tang Luo snickered, “You’re a year younger than me.”

“So what? I’ll always be your older sister!”

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