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Chapter 290: Liu Manhong’s Decision

Liu Manhong was also a vigorous woman in work.

Early the next morning, she assembled the managers of all the branches of her salon at one place, delivering a shocking piece of news to them.

“Starting the day after tomorrow, all branches will be closed for a month, while every worker will still receive their pay.”

Taking an entire month off of work?!

All of their faces changed dramatically as they exclaimed, “Sister Hong!”

“Sister Hong, don’t do that,” one of the women spoke with a worried look on her face. “I know that Xianrong isn’t being virtuous to us, but we can’t just give up on ourselves!”

They had just gotten to know that Xianrong had stolen their Beauty Cream formula, and Liu Manhong chose to close down the premise for a month at this point of time. Wouldn’t it seem like they were admitting defeat?

“She’s right, sister Hong! Now is just the beginning, you shouldn’t do that!”

Some of the weak-minded ones already had tears in their eyes.

“You girls are overthinking it,” Liu Manhong shook her head and laughed as she saw the tearful looks in their eyes. “There’s no way I would admit defeat just like that. However, I think that it’s time for an upgrade, now that our salon has been existing for so many years.”

They kept staring at her in bewilderment. Their salon had been keeping pace with the era, and the quality of their products was simply top-notch.

“Sister Hong…”

“Rest assured, we’ll be up and running again in a month’s time. All of you will still be paid as usual during this month, so it’s time for an enjoyable holiday!” Liu Manhong dismissed the subject with a vigorous wave of her hand.

Seeing that they were still hesitant, she laughed, “Don’t worry, I’ve now found much better products than the Beauty Cream, and we’ll be able to launch them in a month’s time. By then, I’ll make sure Xianrong comes to us, begging through their tears!”

Liu Manhong wasn’t hiding things from them, but her words didn’t quite convince them either.

Xianrong had just declared war with them, yet Liu Manhong chose to close down the salon for a month. They couldn’t help but feel insecure and highly strung about the whole situation.

All of a sudden, all kinds of thoughts occurred to them at once.

Apart from the few founding members, who had started things from scratch alongside Liu Manhong, many were starting to change their minds.

Before this, they had also received invitations from Xianrong, which promised them that if they went over, they would be paid at least 1.5 times as much as what they had been paid here!

As far as they were concerned, their income was the topmost priority.

Since their work at Hongyan was quite satisfactory before, they did not immediately accept Xianrong’s invitation.

However, now that Liu Manhong had made such a questionable decision, they couldn’t help but begin contemplating their options once again.

The Wan family was a prestigious family in City G, not to mention that they ran a pharmaceutical-cosmetic corporation.

How would the unarmed Hongyan be able to compete with a rival that had such a powerful background?

It was said that despite offering cheaper prices, the services that Xianrong offered were the same as theirs. Therefore, many customers had now opted to go to Xianrong.

Now that Hongyan would be closed down for a month under the pretext of being renovated and upgraded, the situation wasn’t very convincing.

What if Hongyan didn’t open up after a month? What would become of them then? Even if they did, all the customers would be gone by then!

Besides, Xianrong would no longer have vacancies left for beauticians by then!

What if they lost their jobs here and missed the vacancies there…

As these thoughts occurred to them, many of them silently came to a decision.

Only a small minority of them were resolute. After being dismissed, they showed up in front of Liu Manhong immediately.

“Sister Hong, why are you giving up all of a sudden? The battle hasn’t even begun! This is so uncharacteristic of you!”

Liu Manhong couldn’t help but laugh when she saw how anxious they were, reassuring them, “I’m not giving up. A month from now, I’m gonna make them kneel in front of me and apologize.”

Not only did her words not pacify them, they became even more concerned instead.

How did she get the confidence to make such remarks?

However, some of the more attentive ones noticed the difference in Liu Manhong’s smile.

“Eh, sister Hong, did you only put on some light make-up today?”

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