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Chapter 291: Visible Effects

Having heard that, everyone turned to stare at Liu Manhong’s face all at once.

Liu Manhong didn’t usually put on very heavy make-up, but she wouldn’t apply it too lightly either, because then she wouldn’t be able to conceal the wrinkles on her face.

Today, however, Liu Manhong’s make-up was very simple, as if she had only applied a very thin layer of foundation, the bounciness and moisture of her skin visible underneath it.

Then they took a look at her eyes. Not only were her wrinkles significantly reduced, but her eyes appeared very exuberant as well.

Some of them were almost right in her face as they observed her skin, while others were even reaching out their hands to touch her face.

“What do you girls think? It’s not too bad, right?” Liu Manhong flashed them a complacent smile.

She didn’t have to be afraid of betrayal in front of these trusted subordinates of hers, so she could be frank with them.

“Sister Hong, do you have some kind of magical elixir or what?”

The more they looked at her, the more amazed they became.

She clearly didn’t look like this yesterday! Some flaws could be easily identified from a close distance.

Today, however, she looked a few years younger than she did before!

“This is the secret weapon that we are about to use!” Liu Manhong laughed heartily, feeling thrilled and invigorated.

All of her subordinates were even more astounded when she began to laugh.

Usually, when she smiled or laughed, the fine lines at the corners of her eyes would become very obvious.

However, those wrinkles were nowhere to be seen!

This was way too magical! Was this the secret weapon that they were going to launch soon?!

“Sister Hong, what actually happened? You’ve got to tell us!” some of the anxious ones hastened.

“Yeah, Xianrong has been such a bully to us, you gotta give us some confidence!”

Liu Manhong sneered, “Rest assured, Xianrong won’t be having their way for too long! I’ve found new products that are so much better than the Beauty Cream! We’ll upgrade the salon now, and when we reopen in a month, they’ll be beaten to death!”

“Better than the Beauty Cream?” Their eyes widened in stupefaction. “Really?”

“Take a look for yourselves.” Liu Manhong stuck her face out to them. “I only applied it last night and this morning, yet this is how it turned out.”

This was the result of only two applications?

Everyone drew in a sharp breath… The effects were way too obvious!

They looked around Liu Manhong’s face in search of some traces of skin-lifting or injection, but to no avail.

It was shocking how the products she used could bring about such instantaneous effects without those interventions!

“Where did you find them?”

“As for this… You’ll know when it’s time,” Liu Manhong said with a smug smile. “Let us just get a good rest and conserve our energy for now. Once we return to the battlefield, customers will come to us with loads of money in their hands!”

All of them exchanged glances upon seeing Liu Manhong’s confidence and the visible effects on her face, a sense of pride and fighting spirit rising within them.

“Alright! We’ll show them who’s the boss of the game by then!”

“Make Xianrong beg for mercy in tears!”

They were also very displeased with how Xianrong had done them dirty. Now that Liu Manhong had some ideas in mind, they couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

“Explain it to your workers in detail when you return to your own branch, and it’s up to them whether they believe it or not,” Liu Manhong ordered.

She knew that the decision she made would certainly sway some of her employees, and a number of them were bound to leave.

But it didn’t matter, because she didn’t care. They could leave if they wanted to; she wouldn’t plead them to stay.

She was greatly infuriated by the fact that the Beauty Cream formula had been leaked.

This was what she got in return for having treated them well all along.

This time, she had presented them with the opportunity, and it was up to them to make the right choice.

As for how they would turn out to be… That was none of her business.

All of them exchanged glances before nodding solemnly, “Yes boss, we’ll take care of it!”

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