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Chapter 285: Head Over Heels

When she stepped out after removing her make-up, Liu Manhong’s jaw almost dropped to the floor because of the scene that had unfolded right before her eyes.

She had only gone inside for a little while, so how did things become this bad when she came out?

If Xia Xibei hadn’t been on top, she would have thought that it was Qiao Yanjue who had ill motives.

However, such situations could easily rouse suspicion and misunderstanding.

Xia Xibei quickly scrambled to her feet upon hearing Liu Manhong’s voice.

Without King Chu being a pain in the neck every step of the way, she finally managed to get up and get her hand off of that unspeakable “somewhere”.

Qiao Yanjue bolted upright the second she got off of him and started coughing dramatically.

“Are… Are you alright?” Xia Xibei asked, cheeks extremely red.

Damn it! No words could describe the level of awkwardness!

God damn King Chu! She would make sure to cook soup with its flesh and bones!!

Qiao Yanjue bent and sat down secretively, his legs crossed, trying to separate himself from all the awkwardness.

Liu Manhong was horrified as well. Was this kid sick or something?

Right as she took a step forward, Qiao Yanjue stopped coughing. With his face utterly flushed from all the exertion, he spoke in a lethargic voice, “Sister Hong, could you get me some water…”

Liu Manhong nodded anxiously, then turned around and went to the kitchen for water.

Right after she left, Qiao Yanjue stood up from the couch and hastily said, “I’m going home.”

Xia Xibei was startled. Before she could say anything, she caught a glimpse of something with the corner of her eye and immediately fell silent, blushing terribly once again.

Qiao Yanjue was wearing a pair of casual shorts today. They weren’t skintight, but it was looking very obvious right now.

Done speaking, Qiao Yanjue quickly headed for the door.

If he stayed here and allowed Liu Manhong to see his situation, it would be even more embarrassing!

That was why he made an excuse to keep her away, all so he could escape.

Once he got out of the house, Qiao Yanjue ran straight for the stairs, not even taking the elevator.

Upon returning home, he dashed into the bathroom.

It took a long while before he got out, a towel wrapped around him as his well-toned body was still steamy from the shower and his cheeks rosy.

He collapsed onto the couch and nearly got all worked up again as he recalled the scene from before.

He pulled the blanket up and covered his face, silently screaming with agony…

He had clearly fallen head over heels!

Before this, he wasn’t entirely sure of his feelings because he had never had a crush on anyone, so how could he confirm his feelings for Xia Xibei so quickly?

However, every concession that he made, every time he was gentle, and every bit of affection that he showed had proven that he was now different from how he used to be.

What happened today only made him realize more… That he had fallen deeply in love!

Apart from the usual restlessness that every teenager had, Qiao Yanjue had never given much thought for either men or women; not even for Li Weiyun, whom he had grown up with.

The others always mocked him, saying that he was going to be alone for the rest of his life with his odd personality!

But who would have seen this day coming!

He had known that he behaved differently around Xia Xibei, but he had thought that it was more like a brother-sister kind of affection.

However, no one in their right mind would have such thoughts for a younger sister. Neither would they completely lose their self-control in front of a sister like he did.

If Huo Zijun and the others knew what he was thinking, they would drown him in humiliation!

They had been acting weird even before he was sure of his feelings; now that he was sure, it would only get more terrifying!

Qiao Yanjue turned to the other side of the bed and buried his face in the pillow.

When he finally lifted his head up for fresh air, the look on his face had changed.

The confusion, hesitation and worry that he had felt moments ago were nowhere to be seen now. All that was left in his shimmering eyes was determination.

For the first time in his 24 years of being alive, he had fallen for someone; there was no way he would let her get away!

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