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Chapter 286: King Chu’s Time-out

When Liu Manhong re-emerged with a cup of water in her hand, she was bemused.

“I think I heard the door opening… Eh, where’s Yanjue?”

She looked around, but Qiao Yanjue was nowhere to be seen.

“He just left. He said he was busy,” Xia Xibei explained with a pale face, forcing out a stiff smile.

“Busy?” Liu Manhong got even more confused. “I just went inside for a little while, so how did he get so busy all of a sudden?”

Xia Xibei tried her best to put on an innocent front, “I have no idea, but he seemed to be in a hurry.”

As she spoke, her cheeks couldn’t help but flush red again.

How could he not be in a hurry?!

Having thought of that, she couldn’t help but shoot a death glare at King Chu, who was standing at the side with an innocent face.

If it wasn’t for this dog, things wouldn’t have turned out this way! How was she supposed to face Qiao Yanjue after this?!

Having sensed her glare, King Chu looked towards her with a look of bewilderment in its eyes.


Looking at how it didn’t know what kind of trouble it had gotten her into, Xia Xibei gritted her teeth in anger. How she wished she could stew a pot of dog meat soup with its flesh and bones!

However, King Chu misunderstood it as her signal to play, so it hurried towards her while merrily wagging its tail.

Xia Xibei pulled a long face and bellowed, “Get lost!”

King Chu went stiff on its spot, blinking its big eyes. What was the problem?

“Go stand at the corner!”

As she uttered those words, Xia Xibei even tried getting her intention across with spiritual power.

Stand at the corner? King Chu felt even more perplexed. Why was she giving it a time-out out of nowhere?

Liu Manhong wondered too, “What’s wrong? Why should it stand at the corner?”

Despite Xia Xibei’s embarrassment, she tried her very best to control her facial expression, explaining calmly, “If it wasn’t for it, we wouldn’t have tripped, and it nearly crushed us to death too! I have to punish it!”

“Oww… Woo…” King Chu started sobbing pitifully, but nothing it did would change Xia Xibei’s mind now.

“Go stand at the corner! Let’s see if you still dare to simply pounce onto people now!”

Xia Xibei put on a serious look. If King Chu did it again, she really would die in shame!

Despite its grievance, King Chu had no choice but to trudge towards the corner in a pathetic manner, standing up in a man-like way with its front paws against the wall.

This position was a torment to four-legged animals.

Xia Xibei wouldn’t make it stand for too long, but the right amount of punishment was necessary.

“Stand properly!” she yelled in a cold voice.

“Oww… Woo…” King Chu wept in grievance.

However, Xia Xibei’s heart was made out of stone at this time. She was determined to ignore it.

“I guess…” Liu Manhong couldn’t stop her heart from reaching out to King Chu as she watched her beloved pet being put to a time-out.

She knew, however, that King Chu must have done something unacceptable to make Xia Xibei punish it. Considering how Xia Xibei usually got along with King Chu, Liu Manhong wouldn’t interfere, no matter how dearly she loved King Chu.

She also knew that King Chu wouldn’t listen to her even if she asked it not to stand. Thus, she wouldn’t put in the effort.

After punishing King Chu, Xia Xibei took a few deep breaths and got her act together again before telling Liu Manhong, “Sister Hong, now that you’ve removed your make-up, we can start.”

Liu Manhong stopped bothering about King Chu and instead focused wholly on the vials that Xia Xibei had just displayed.

“What are these?”

“The skincare products that I made by myself,” Xia Xibei answered, lifting a bottle. “This is the combination of toner and lotion. You can apply it directly after cleansing your face. Come on, try it on.”

Liu Manhong took the bottle and opened it, a light wisp of fragrance wafted through the air, carrying with it the faint scent of herbs.

She poured out a tiny bit of the liquid and smeared it on her face.

In just a short moment, she marveled, “This feels so nice!”

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