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Chapter 276: Be Well-prepared

Nie Zehai’s joke made everyone burst into laughter.

Both men and women would start getting surrounded by all sorts of bizarre rumors once they became famous.

On top of that, their love lives would always be the center of the public’s attention.

It would cause a big scene regardless of if they got into a relationship or broke up.

The paparazzi loved drawing people’s attention with news and rumors like that.

It was reconcilable if those rumors were true, but most of the time it was simply some fuss they created from bits and pieces.

If Nie Zehai was being serious about their gathering being captured, it would certainly turn out as scary as he had just described!

Nie Zehai shook his head when he finished talking, “I’m glad that I’m not that famous yet.”

Although it would be nice to gain fame, a lot of things in this industry were a double-edged sword. The troubles that would follow fame were not to be taken lightly.

“But still, you have to be well-prepared!”

Nie Zehai shrugged and spread his hands helplessly, “What more preparation can I do apart from being mentally prepared?”

Xia Xibei laughed, “I wouldn’t have asked you out today if I didn’t have something great for you!”

Her words stunned everyone.

Pan Yan looked towards Xia Xibei with curiosity as well. What did she have in store?

With all eyes pinned on her, Xia Xibei took out a tiny box from her bag.

She opened the box, revealing two light-yellow spherical objects, both about the size of marbles.

“What are these?”


Xia Xibei took one of the tiny balls, and then got a random glass. After filling it with some water, she submerged the ball into the glass of water.

Upon absorbing water, the tiny ball started spreading out, like a flower in full bloom.

In the blink of an eye, the glass was filled with it.

By the time Xia Xibei removed it from the glass, it had turned into a paper-like object.

“Is this a… Face mask?” Nie Zehai was baffled.

This object was like a condensed face mask, enlarging and spreading out upon being immersed in liquid.

Xia Xibei’s lips curled into a smile, saying mysteriously, “Something like a face mask. In terms of function… It’s quite similar to that as well.”

She lifted the “face mask,” and called out to Yu Ziqi, “Come here.”

Yu Ziqi hesitated for a moment while staring at the thing, but walked over slowly, mumbling under his breath, “What are you trying to do?”

Xia Xibei did not answer. She grabbed him and slammed the piece onto his face.

“What the hell?!” Yu Ziqi cried out in shock. He couldn’t help but tense, reaching for the thing on reflex in an attempt to tear it off his face.

“Don’t move!” Xia Xibei yelled in a low voice.

In just a short while, Xia Xibei turned Yu Ziqi around so that he was facing Nie Zehai and Pan Yan.


Upon taking a proper look at Yu Ziqi’s face, Pan Yan and Nie Zehai both drew in deep breaths of horror.

Yu Ziqi couldn’t be considered very handsome, but he was an adorable little, plump guy nonetheless, especially with his fair, supple skin.

However, his appearance had changed drastically after the strange thing was pasted on his face!

His fair skin turned a few tones yellow and was much rougher; there were even some irremovable pockmarks.

Apart from the changes to his skin, his facial features had been altered as well.

His originally prominent nose collapsed a little, his fairly large eyes now became small, and his mouth became tiny too.

He was like a whole different person!

Nie Zehai hurried forward in astonishment. He clutched Yu Ziqi’s face and flipped it around to get a proper look but couldn’t seem to find the edges of the mask.

Pan Yan also came to his aid, but their efforts were fruitless.

Their eyes were wide in awe, almost crushing Yu Ziqi’s face in their attempts to search for the mask, but they simply couldn’t identify the problem.

“Let go of me!”

Yu Ziqi shivered at the way they were looking at him, hurriedly breaking free from their grasp to run to the side.

He fumbled to get out his phone and switched on the front camera in order to get a look.

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes, nearly passing out!

He was incredibly ugly!

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