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Chapter 277: Change of Face

Yu Ziqi nearly tossed his phone away.

He was usually quite confident in his appearance but turning so ugly all of a sudden nearly scared him to death!

He traced his fingers all over his face but couldn’t seem to find the edges of the “face mask” anywhere. It was as if this was the face he was born with.

“How did you do that? Help me get it off now!”

The anxiety was killing him.

Pan Yan and Nie Zehai were both shocked and curious, asking, “How on earth was it done?”

“This is a face-changing mask that I made,” Xia Xibei laughed. “All you need to do to change your face is put it in water to spread it out, and then stick it onto your face.”

The three of them were stupefied.

If they hadn’t seen it with their very own eyes, they would never have believed that such a thing actually existed!

Nie Zehai had been on many filming sets. He had worn head gears before and had even tried on “skin masks.”

However, it took a long time to put those masks on, and it was not effortless, like what he had just seen.

Moreover, the flaws could always be identified, no matter how exquisitely they were made.

However, Xia Xibei’s “face-changing mask” seemed to be totally flawless, as though it was fused with one’s face!

That was a literal change of face!

If they hadn’t witnessed what was done to Yu Ziqi, they would never have recognized him if they met him outside!

This was absolutely magical!

“How do we get it off then?”

Xia Xibei took out a vial, “By using this.”

She opened the vial and poured out a little bit of the transparent liquid, and gently tapped it onto Yu Ziqi’s face.

After that, everyone saw the “skin” on Yu Ziqi’s face starting to peel off.

In just a brief moment, the mask had fallen off of his face. Then they took a look at Yu Ziqi’s face again.

His original face had returned, and there was not a single trace of the mask left, as if nothing had happened.

If not for the “skin” in Xia Xibei’s hand, they would have thought that what had just happened was an illusion.

“Fantastic!” Nie Zehai clapped his hands together abruptly, looking extremely excited. “This is truly a treasure!”

Although Nie Zehai had yet to experience what it was like to be chased and blocked by fans on the streets, that didn’t mean he had no idea what his fellow colleagues had been through.

Many celebrities he knew had to go out in full gears.

Hats, sunglasses, and masks; all of those were indispensable parts of their disguise.

It was fine during winter, but wouldn’t it be really obvious to dress like that during summer?

With such a magical mask, however, they could go outside without having to go through all that fuss!

After getting changed into an ordinary face and some casual clothes, they would be just the same as any other passersby, and no one would give them another glance.

In that case, they could go shopping and dating without worrying about being discovered by fans or reporters!

This would totally be the top item on any celebrity’s wish list!

As part of the entertainment industry, Pan Yan knew the benefits of the mask as well.

“Is it harmful to the skin in any way?” he wondered, raising his doubt.

“No, it isn’t,” Xia Xibei shook her head. “This is made of the safest materials. It doesn’t harm the skin, and it’s also highly ventilated. As long as you don’t wash it with the solvent, it can last three days at most.”

“That’s amazing!”

Pan Yan and Nie Zehai exchanged a glance, their eyes filled with surprise.

“But this is a one-time thing. It can’t be reused after being removed,” Xia Xibei shrugged.

“It’s still useful!” Nie Zehai exclaimed with excitement. “How did you make it?”

“Very simply, in fact. Just by-”

Nie Zehai cut her off before Xia Xibei could expound, waving away her words, “Alright, alright, you don’t have to tell me. I won’t understand it anyway. I’d just like to know, how many of these do you have?”

“As many as you like,” Xia Xibei replied, the corners of her lips curled into a cunning smile.

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