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Chapter 260: Praying to Gods and Buddhas

Xia Xibei didn’t know how depressed Qiao Yanjue was, completely focused on the audition tomorrow.

Plus, she had to tell Pan Yan about this matter. After all, he was her agent.

When Pan Yan heard the news, he was shocked.

“You are talking about director Jiang Shenghe?!”


Pan Yan gasped and almost fainted.

Director Jiang Shenghe?! Xia Xibei had too many connections!

Of course Pan Yan had heard of this, but he never thought of fighting for this opportunity!

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that he knew he couldn’t get it.

Director Jiang Shenghe was very famous. Even though it was the early casting stage, not everyone could go.

Moreover, his plan for Xia Xibei was for her to study hard and then look for opportunities to debut as a singer.

Who knew Xia Xibei would be discreetly going to an audition, and for a movie by a major director at that!

“Who referred you?” Pan Yan asked after recovering.

“Nie Zehai.”

“Nie Zehai?” Pan Yan thought for a while, finally remembering who he was. “How do you know him?”

Although Nie Zehai had a good reputation in the industry, the fact that Xia Xibei suddenly got in touch with him made Pan Yan nervous.

“He is the cousin of one of my classmates. We had met before,” Xia Xibei answered.

After confirming that there was no issue with Nie Zehai, Pan Yan breathed a sigh of relief. However, he immediately grew nervous once again.

“The audition is tomorrow?”


“So soon!” He couldn’t help complaining, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I only found out just now.”

“If you had told me earlier, I would have arranged classes for you!” Pan Yan was frustrated.

Xia Xibei was very new at this. Even though she got the chance to audition, would she be selected with her untried acting skills?

Jiang Shenghe was a major director, and he demanded a lot.

Although it was good to have the opportunity to go to the audition, it was really difficult to be selected.

“Relax, I’ll be fine,” Xia Xibei comforted him, but Pan Yan obviously was not convinced.

However, it was too late. Was it possible to do last-minute prayers? It was useless!

“Nevermind. I’ll burn more incense for you tomorrow.”

Xia Xibei was startled. “What? Burn what?”

Pan Yan was serious, answering, “Burning incense and begging the Buddha to bless you! Oh yes, I have to go to church too.”

That being said, tomorrow would be so busy! And after praying to all the gods and Buddhas, he’d have to take Xia Xibei to the audition too. There wasn’t much time!

Thinking of this, Pan Yan decided to get up early tomorrow morning. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough time.

Xia Xibei was speechless. She really didn’t know that Pan Yan had such a side!

“How many gods are you praying to?”

He was going to pray to international gods too… It was incredible!

“As many as I can!” Pan Yan sounded very righteous. “Who knew it would be so rushed! I could only pray for blessings for you!”

Xia Xibei had nothing else to say. Fine, let him find some emotional comfort.

However, she didn’t expect that when Pan Yan came to pick her up for the audition the next day, she would be given a protection charm.

“I got this especially for you! When you wear it, you’re sure to ace the audition!”

Looking at Pan Yan, who was in his 20s and still very young, Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched. There was nothing left to say.

How was he so young, yet so superstitious?!

Xia Xibei carefully walked to the side while holding Honey to avoid being corrupted.

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