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Chapter 261: The Odds of Winning

Xia Qinghan had been in a state of excitement since receiving Bai Meixue’s notice that she could audition.

If the audition was successful, her journey as a star would begin!

But when she learned that she had to take a pet to the audition, she was dumbfounded.

Since she didn’t like these little creatures, she had never had a pet. Now they wanted her to bring a pet? What was she going to do?

Bai Meixue knew that she didn’t have any pets, so she helped her borrow a well-behaved, beautiful ragdoll cat.

Even though Xia Qinghan didn’t like pets, when she saw this ragdoll cat called Pudding, she became a little smitten.

Its hair was fluffy and clean, its neck had its own “scarf,” and its bright blue eyes truly charmed people.

Pudding was very docile. Although it was a little nervous when seeing strangers, it calmed down quickly after being comforted by the owner.

Even if it wasn’t very close to Xia Qinghan, it didn’t reject her either.

“Relax, everything will be fine with Pudding here,” Bai Meixue said, patting her own chest in reassurance.

Seeing such a beautiful cat, Xia Qinghan was also relieved.

She could definitely impress the casting director with the cooperation of this cat.

On the day of the audition, she brought the cat to the site, the cat owner accompanying them.

Holding such a gentle cat, Xia Qinghan’s heart felt a little soft, and she thought it was good to have a pet.

After arriving at the scene, she couldn’t help but frown, listening to the barkings of various cats and dogs.

All of these cats and dogs were so annoying!

She felt repulsed but didn’t show it. Looking at the others carefully, she began to wonder about their competitiveness.

The number of cats and dogs were half and half, but Xia Qinghan didn’t care about them. She only paid attention to the actors.

Everyone who came here to audition was obviously a gorgeous girl.

The role of the Queen of Animals was meant to be around 20 years old, so the girls who came to the audition were not old; they were between 17- or 18-years-old to 24- or 25-years-old.

Xia Qinghan looked and found that there were many new faces, none of them having appeared on TV.

There were also some actors who had appeared on TV, but they were not very popular.

In fact, everyone here was fighting for a role in director Jiang Shenghe’s work.

However, this role was a bit complex.

Jiang Shenghe had already told everyone that this time, it was a real shoot, and they had prepared animals such as lions and tigers.

Although there were animal trainers monitoring the situation on-site, who could ensure that there would be no problems?

Moreover, director Jiang Shenghe’s micromanaging and fault-finding habits were well-known, and he had strict requirements for details in all aspects.

The work created in this manner was indeed very good, but the actors and crew would have a headache.

Since he had said this, everyone knew they would definitely be in close contact with the big animals.

If something happened, it would be very troublesome.

Therefore, while other good roles had been cast, this was the only one left. The actors who came to compete were all third- or fourth tier. The top actors would not be fighting for this kind of role.

Xia Qinghan thought of what Bai Meixue had told her while looking at the people around her.

“Don’t listen to them being so dramatic. When it’s really filming, the tigers and lions must use special effects! So you don’t have to worry about safety.”

Xia Qinghan held the cat, thinking about her chances of winning. She couldn’t help smiling confidently.

When the cat in her arms suddenly started to fuss, Xia Qinghan hugged it slightly. However, that failed to calm it down. Turning around, her eyes widened in horror and she cried out, “Xia Xibei?!”

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