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Chapter 248: Dodged a Bullet

Shortly after, the two of them went to another bookstore.

Tang Luo finally smiled as he looked down at the stack of study materials he had bought.

If Mo Bonan ever forced him to exercise again, he would turn him down with these materials.

He was still a student, so his most important commitment should no doubt be his studies!

After getting into college, he would move out of Mo’s house, and the two of them would no longer have anything to do with each other.

As this thought occurred to him, Tang Luo heaved a silent sigh of relief.

At around ten o’clock at night, Tang Luo went back to Mo’s house.

Just as expected, Mo Bonan came looking for him once again, asking him to go for some more exercise the next morning.

Tang Luo put up an innocent front, apologizing, “Brother Bonan, I don’t think I can make it. Tomorrow’s a Monday, and I have to go to school.”

“You go to school at 7am, so we can just wake up at 6 for exercise,” Mo Bonan said.

“But I’ll doze off in class if I wake up that early,” he replied in a serious manner. “It’ll be very unpleasant.”

Mo Bonan stared at him for a moment, finally nodding before Tang Luo’s front crumbled, “Alright then, we won’t exercise in the morning.”

Tang Luo was secretly delighted, but before he could truly rejoice, Mo Bonan continued, “We’ll change the time of exercise to nighttime.”

His words made Tang Luo’s eyes widen.

Mo Bonan commanded him, “Every night after dinner, exercise for at least an hour.”

“But I have a lot of homework to do!” Tang Luo shook his head immediately and pointed at the books on the table, “Look, I have to complete all of them!”

Mo Bonan’s expression became unusually stiff when he saw the books on Tang Luo’s table, piled like small hills.

There were two stacks of study materials about half a meter in height each, with around twenty to thirty books altogether!

Mo Bonan used to be a top student, but he had never seen such an insane amount of reference materials at once.

Was he trying to take his own life?

Tang Luo added with a serious face, “My current goal is to get into a good college! Once I’m in college, I’ll have to exercise!”

Before Mo Bonan could speak, he went on, “Don’t worry, I exercise at school as well. We have morning stretches and physical education classes, which gives me enough time for exercise every day! Also, I’ll eat more and exercise more. I won’t let you down!”

He changed his tone of voice, continuing, “You’re busy enough with your work, so don’t waste time on me. I’m a grown-up now, and I can take care of myself!”

After listening to his string of promises, Mo Bonan’s expression changed.

He looked Tang Luo up and down with a measured glance, finally laughing, “It seems like you know what you’re doing, huh?”

“That’s for sure!” Tang Luo almost swore an oath, “When auntie and uncle return, I’ll show them my improvement!”

Now that he had brought up his parents, what more could Mo Bonan say? He had no choice but to nod along, “Alright then, you may exercise on your own on weekdays, and we’ll make further arrangements for the weekends.”

Tang Luo’s breath caught in his lungs. He wanted to refuse again but managed to hold himself back just in time.

He could find other excuses for the weekends, so that could wait.


Mo Bonan was finally satisfied when he saw Tang Luo nod, “Rest early then.”

“Alright, you rest early too.”

By the time he was lying in bed, Tang Luo still felt glad that he had managed to escape that disaster.

The next morning, Tang Luo grabbed his bag and fled to school before Mo Bonan could return from his morning exercise.

Right as he arrived, he ran into Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei, both of them looking jubilant, dancing and chatting away merrily.

Just as the three of them gathered, Yu Ziqi came too.

Before anyone could speak, Song Jiaren snorted all of a sudden.

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