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Chapter 249: We Are Not of High Quality

Business had been going really well at the milk tea shop lately.

After the shop had gained a reputation, more customers came.

With a milk tea that tasted this good and did not make one gain weight, of course business would be booming!

Moreover, because of Song Jiaren’s before and after photos, the milk tea became even more credible, leading to more customers than ever on Sunday.

In addition to individual customers, several large companies had placed orders too.

Even with a buy-one-get-one-free promotion going on, there was still a large profit being made.

Song Jiaren almost laughed like a maniac looking at the numbers.

However, when she saw Zheng Xiaowen, she didn’t have a good attitude.

Although Zheng Xiaowen’s spectacle attracted everyone’s attention and had made the milk tea shop even more famous and profitable, Song Jiaren still hated her.

Therefore, when she saw Zheng Xiaowen approaching, she snorted disdainfully and stretched her arm around Yu Ziqi’s neck, saying, “I’m telling you, when you get back, you better change seats quickly!”

She said this in a very loud voice, and of course Zheng Xiaowen, who was walking nearby, heard it, her face suddenly becoming pale.

Out of the corner of her eye, Song Jiaren saw her reaction, snorting coldly to herself.

I will make you mad!

Yu Ziqi’s face turned red and he wanted to pull her hand off of him.

“Can you please speak in a lady-like way?”

“I am talking lady-like right now!” Song Jiaren didn’t let go, increasing her grip around his neck instead, and pinching his chin. “Let me tell you, some people may look good on the surface, but who knows what they’re really like on the inside.”

“Meaning they appear to be gold on the outside but are decaying on the inside,” Xia Xibei added solemnly.

Yu Ziqi was speechless.

Of course he understood this!

“So, when you see this kind of person, quickly get away! Otherwise, you will be scammed to death!”

Zheng Xiaowen’s footsteps suddenly stopped, her face becoming even more ugly.

However, no matter how ugly her expression was, Song Jiaren wouldn’t stop.

They had clashing auras and they could never be friends, so they might as well be up front about it.

“I get it, now let go of me!” Yu Ziqi struggled in Song Jiaren’s arm, finally breaking free.

Turning around, he saw Zheng Xiaowen behind him, instantly becoming embarrassed.

The most embarrassing thing ever was to be caught on the spot while speaking ill about others.

When Zheng Xiaowen met his eyes, her face appeared pale and tears were rushing out of her eyes. She soon ran away crying while covering her mouth.


Yu Ziqi stretched out his hands in vain but did not dare to catch up with her.

He turned his head and glared at them, a little annoyed.

Even if they wanted him to switch tables, there was no need to overdo it!

They may not share a desk anymore, but they were still classmates! It’d be mortifying to see each other in the future!

Tang Luo stepped forward and spoke with a serious face, “In fact, this matter is easy to solve. You can tell her this, ‘My friends are very low in quality and overdoing things! So, for the good of everyone, let’s sit apart. When I have educated my friends, we will be at the same table again!’”

Jia Song stomped her feet, “What the- Who is low quality?!”

Who would ever insult themselves like that?

“That’ll work,” Xia Xibei nodded in agreement. “We are being self-deprecating, so she can’t be mad. Moreover, we can continue to be low quality in the future.”

Song Jiaren had a realization, then nodded as well. “This is a good idea!”

As for Yu Ziqi, after some silence, he had to accept this explanation too.

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