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Chapter 230: He’s Already Here

Mo Bonan was almost here?!

Tang Luo stiffened, his facial expression suddenly changing as he became a little pale.

“Brother Bonan is coming here?”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded. “I just got a message from him, so I mentioned that you were here, and he said he’ll come pick you up.”

Tang Luo remembered that Qiao Yanjue had been playing with his phone just now, but how could he have known that Qiao Yanjue was messaging Mo Bonan?!

“I can go back by myself, there’s no need to bother Brother Bonan,” Tang Luo smiled stiffly. “How about this… Tell him that he can go back, and I will go back too.”

As he talked, Tang Luo stood up and started walking out.

“Well…” Qiao Yanjue raised his eyebrows, looked at the phone again, and said regretfully, “That might not work.”

Tang Luo was stunned for a moment, then stopped.

The very next second, the door opened once again.

His heart jumped and his face paled.

“Little Luo.”

Mo Bonan’s tall figure appeared in the doorframe, instantly bringing a suffocating pressure to Tang Luo.

“B- Brother Bonan…”

Tang Luo could feel his breaths becoming heavier.

“Where are you going?” Mo Bonan stood in front of Tang Luo, blocking his path.

“I- I was about to go back!” Tang Luo smiled dryly, trying to adjust his expression.

“Really? Then just wait a bit. We’ll go back together,” Mo Bonan suggested, looking him up and down before turning towards Qiao Yanjue.

“Lord Jue. Long time no see.”

“Young Master Mo.”

Qiao Yanjue also took a step forward.

The two men, both with the same tall physique and strong aura, met once again.

Song Jiaren blinked, feeling as if she had seen an electric light.

“Was Lord Jue treating everyone to dinner? Why didn’t you invite me?” Mo Bonan asked with a smile and a subtle gaze, looking at the people present.

“I didn’t treat everyone this time.”

This was Shi Qinghui’s shop. Even if she had left in a hurry, she wouldn’t have made Qiao Yanjue and the others pay.

Qiao Yanjue gave a polite smile.

“If I had the opportunity, I would certainly invite you to dinner. It’s just that you must be very busy with everything, so I don’t want to bother you.”

Mo Bonan’s smile was equally polite.

“Of course not. If Lord Jue invited me, I would attend no matter what.”

“Then I will have my secretary arrange the time. I can’t miss this opportunity!” Qiao Yanjue said with a smile.

“I will also ask my secretary to arrange it.”

The two of them laughed at each other without smiling, sparks flying everywhere.


Asura’s bark interrupted the confrontation between the two of them.

Qiao Yanjue looked at Tang Luo, who had tried to become invisible, and smiled at Mo Bonan before saying, “We should leave. Tang Luo is also anxious to go home. Let’s say goodbye for now. If you hadn’t arrived, he may have already left.”

After being mentioned, Tang Luo trembled and pasted an expressionless look on his face, not daring to look at Mo Bonan.

Mo Bonan smiled, “Right, it’s time to go home.”

“Yes,” Qiao Yanjue nodded and motioned to Xia Xibei. “Let’s go home.”

Mo Bonan raised his eyebrows, commenting, “I remember that you guys didn’t live close to each other.”

It sounded as if a lot of things had happened…

Qiao Yanjue smiled with some reservation, “Oh, she has moved. We happen to live together. Ah, no, we live on the same floor. She lives next door to me.”

“Oh,” Mo Bonan sneered, finally understanding why Qiao Yanjue told him to be here.

“Brother Qiao, can you take us back too?”

At last, Yu Ziqi found the opportunity to speak.

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