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Chapter 229: Take Care of Your Health

Then, Xia Xibei fully demonstrated her large appetite by finishing all of the food.

After eating, she patted her flat belly with satisfaction, a smug smile pasted on her face.

If she had eaten as much as she was able to, she would have scared them to death!

Unexpectedly, everyone looked worried.

“You must have been starving!”

She almost spat out blood!

Qiao Yanjue frowned, “It’s okay. From now on, eat as much as you want!”

Yu Ziqi also looked at Xia Xibei with sympathy, reassuring her, “Whenever you want to eat, come here. I will treat you!”

“Bark!” Asura could treat her to meals too!

Seeing man and dog’s similar expressions, Xia Xibei almost choked. What were they imagining?!

Tang Luo looked at Xia Xibei with a shocked expression. He hadn’t realized that she could eat so much!

Only Jiaren Song had a calm face. She had eaten with Xia Xibei a few times before, so she was aware of Xia Xibei’s appetite.

However, she was very curious. What happened to all the food Xia Xibei ate?

Moreover, she was very worried about Xia Xibei’s health because of what Qiao Yanjue had just said. She had not seen Xia Xibei faint, but Qiao Yanjue wouldn’t have lied.

Thinking of this, she spoke to Qiao Yanjue with a worried look on her face, “Brother Qiao, do you think you should take Beibei for a check-up?”

Xia Xibei stiffened, almost rendered speechless. “I’m fine!” she exclaimed.

There were reasons why she had fainted earlier. The first time was because of her period, which had begun unexpectedly, and the second time was because of extreme mental exhaustion.

Usually, she was strong enough to lift an ox! She cultivated every day, and she was taking care of her health, so there were no problems.

However, Qiao Yanjue seemed to think that what Song Jiaren was saying made sense.

“Yes, we should do that.”

“Yes!” Song Jiaren nodded. “Our health is our most important asset! We shouldn’t be careless with it!”

“Yes. If you don’t pay attention to it when you’re young, you’ll suffer when you’re older,” Qiao Yanjue nodded in agreement.

Xia Xibei remained silent while they spoke.

Big brother, can you please stop saying things that don’t match your role? These were words aunties liked to say!

Xia Xibei’s perception was really shaken. She wanted to shake Qiao Yanjue so he would wake up and stop ruining his image!

“I’m very healthy!” She gritted her teeth and forced her lips into a grin. “Did you forget that I am also a doctor?!”

Song Jiaren and Qiao Yanjue had both seen her strength!

Both of them were startled with her words. It was true indeed!

“But doctors don’t treat themselves!” Song Jiaren said seriously.

“That’s for other people,” Xia Xibei said very righteously, “I’m not the same as them.”

Seeing that she was upset, Song Jiaren and Qiao Yanjue looked at each other, not continuing with the topic.

“Fine. If you don’t feel well, remember to tell me,” Qiao Yanjue said.

“I know that.”

Although Xia Xibei was upset, she knew that they were simply looking out for her, so she could only endure their concern and nod along.

She could tolerate people who were really good to her, as long as they didn’t go overboard with it.

Qiao Yanjue looked at the time, stating, “Okay, let’s go back.”

Then, he turned to Tang Luo, who was quietly sitting beside him, and asked, “Should I take you back? Or do you want to wait for Mo Bonan to pick you up?”

Tang Luo was taken aback for a moment, then quickly shook his head. “I can go back by myself!”

Qiao Yanjue took out his phone, looking innocent as he said, “But Mo Bonan is nearby; he’ll be here soon.”

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