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Chapter 217: Milk Tea for Weight-loss

Song Jiaren had a lot to say about weight-loss.

Although she didn’t reveal Xia Xibei’s role in the change, she only looked towards her.

After all, this was all due to Xia Xibei. What if Xia Xibe didn’t like her talking rashly?

When she met Song Jiaren’s eyes, Xia Xibei gave a small smile.

“Everyone, our store now focuses on milk tea that is non-fattening. After a while, we will also launch milk tea that will help you lose weight.”

‘What?!’ everyone thought in shock.

“Milk tea that helps you lose weight? Are you joking?”

Today’s milk tea was already a surprise, and now there was weight-loss milk tea?

Weight-loss tea?! Could someone this pretty be exaggerating?

“Can a clerk like you say this?” Zheng Xiaowen asked weakly.

The others were suddenly stunned.

Right! Could a clerk be responsible for this kind of statement?

Song Jiaren was about to say that Xia Xibei was not a clerk when she was interrupted by Fang Yongxin, who had just arrived at the scene.

“Our store will launch new products from time to time, and our milk tea is different from other milk teas as the effect is different. We are now working on milk tea that can help you lose weight, which will be launched in a short time. Please look forward to it!”

Fang Yongxin looked elegant and graceful, so at a glance, people knew she was the boss.

Since she had spoken, people had no comments to make.

However, people were curious. Was weight-loss milk tea really possible?

Xia Xibei smiled to herself upon seeing these people’s intense curiosity.

In the next few years, the concept of health preservation would become very popular. By then, major stores would launch various health preservation drinks that had different effects.

They were just seizing the market first, allowing her to come up with unique products.

“Don’t worry, if we dare to say such things, we will naturally be responsible for these words!” Fang Yongxin said loudly while smiling with confidence. “As for whether it’s true, everyone can wait and see.”

Seeing her confident and elegant smile, the young customers couldn’t help but blush, gaining confidence in this store at the same time.

Of course, even if they couldn’t lose weight, that was fine. The milk tea in this shop was really delicious!

Soon, the line started moving once again.

Seeing that the small incident had been resolved, Song Jiaren was relieved. However, she became angrier too.

Grabbing Zheng Xiaowen, who was about to leave, she demanded, “Were you here to make a scene?”

She and Zheng Xiaowen didn’t know each other before this, let alone have any bad blood between them, but Zheng Xiaowen had still behaved oddly.

“Wh- What are you talking about? I don’t understand!”

Zheng Xiaowen was a little nervous. She wanted to pull her hand out and started to sweat.

“You don’t know what I said?” Song Jiaren gritted her teeth and whispered, “Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Let go…”

“That’s enough,” Fang Yongxin interrupted their dispute. “Let’s go inside and talk.”

There was a small lounge inside for them to settle this matter privately.

Zheng Xiaowen’s face became paler upon hearing those words. She pulled her hand away and quickly said, “I have something to do, so I need to go!”

Then, she quickly walked out.

“Don’t go!”

Song Jiaren’s temper was out in full force and she couldn’t bear this, immediately chasing after her.

Xia Xibei quickly said to Fang Yongxin, “Auntie Xin, let me go with them.”

As soon as she left the door, Xia Xibei heard Song Jiaren’s annoyed voice ring out from up ahead, “Damn! Why are you crying?! I didn’t hit you!”

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