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Chapter 216: Fake Advertizing

These words made the other people look over.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Song Jiaren’s body shape, their expressions a bit strange.

If you went to a beauty salon and saw that the technician had acne, you would definitely doubt the effectiveness of that salon.

If you went to a gym and saw a flabby fitness coach, who would dare to go to another class?

The owner of this shop was claiming that their milk tea was non-fattening, but if their clerk was fat, everyone began to wonder about the truth behind this claim.

Earlier, everyone had been busy buying milk tea and hadn’t noticed the clerk inside, so they didn’t think too much about it.

Now that this had been mentioned, people began to feel a bit differently.

Was this milk tea really non-fattening?

Did she gain weight after drinking this?

If so, their advertising was ridiculous!

Thinking this way, everyone began to show dissatisfaction, hesitating before placing their orders.

Zheng Xiaowen’s words made Song Jiaren’s face turn grim. She was not stupid, naturally understanding that Zheng Xiaowen had bad intentions.

Although she didn’t know when she had offended Zheng Xiaowen, now was not the time to analyze this matter.

She gave a cold laugh, “You mean, our milk tea has fake advertising?!”

“I- I didn’t say that!”

Zheng Xiaowen seemed to be frightened by her, immediately taking two steps back to get away from her.

Her action almost made Song Jiaren go ballistic.

This girl was definitely here to mess up their store-opening!

Song Jiaren finally understood why she had gotten a bad feeling about Zheng Xiaowen just now. Her instincts were right!


Xia Xibei heard the noise and came out from inside the store, stopping next to Song Jiaren.

Song Jiaren’s anger was calmed down by Xia Xibei, but she still stared at Zheng Xiaowen fiercely.

While Zheng Xiaowen was being stared, her face grew pale and her body trembled slightly, making her look pitiful.

Song Jiaren felt her hand itching to move, wishing she could get some close contact with Zheng Xiaowen’s face.

However, today was their grand opening, and it shouldn’t be ruined by someone like her.

Before Xia Xibei could speak, Song Jiaren snorted, “Our store doesn’t use fake advertising. No matter how much milk tea you drink, you won’t get fat.”

Zheng Xiaowen glanced at her, smirking but saying nothing. She was obviously not convinced.

The other customers continued to watch the show.

As the crowd watched on, Jiaren Song took out her cell phone.

“This is how I looked like before. I drank a lot of milk tea, and I am much thinner now!”

She clicked on a photo, the girl on it almost filling the whole screen.

The people standing close by were taken aback after seeing the photo clearly.

“What the- She’s so much thinner now!”

Although Song Jiaren was still fat at the moment, she had lost a lot of weight, her facial features much more visible than they were in the photo, where her body seemed to overflow off of the screen.

Song Jiaren nonchalantly handed the phone to other people and continued, “This was me a month ago. I have lost more than ten kilograms now.”

“Ten kilograms?!”

The crowd drew a collective breath. The speed of her weight loss was crazy! Moreover, didn’t losing so much weight in a month affect your health?

However, seeing Song Jiaren’s glowing face, everyone knew the answer to their question.

“How did you get thinner?” a slightly chubby girl raised her voice and asked.

“Heh heh. Of course, I have my ways! Anyway, I drank two cups of our milk tea a day, but I still did not get fat!”

Speaking of this, Song Jiaren’s mood immediately improved.

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