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Chapter 196: Bai Meixue’s Rage

“What?! Xia Xibei signed?!”

Bai Meixue was shocked, her expression ugly.

“Yes.” Pan Yan looked at her questioningly. “Sister Xue, is there a problem?”

“No, but she… weren’t her parents reluctant to sign? Why did…”

“Oh, she changed her guardian. The contract was signed by the new guardian,” Pan Yan said with a smile.

However, when Pan Yan was watching Bai Meixue, he was a little more guarded.

If he didn’t know that Liu Manhong had just become Xia Xibei’s guardian, he would have thought that Bai Meixue was so resistant to Xia Xibei because of Liu Manhong.

So why did Bai Meixue have such an attitude? What was the grudge between her and Xia Xibei?

After several encounters—Pan Yan was not stupid, a fool couldn’t have become the company’s silver-level agent—he definitely felt Bai Meixue’s hostility towards Xia Xibei.

Where did this hostility come from?

Bai Meixue didn’t notice Pan Yan’s suspicion of her, still in shock. Xia Xibei had actually signed a contract with the company!

She had already hired people to set the tone online. If ordinary girls encountered such things, even if they initially had the idea of entering the entertainment industry, they would have been dissuaded by now.

If Xia Xibei really entered the entertainment industry, many people would then think that the previous things were all a publicity stunt.

This kind of slander would not be something a young woman could handle.

But who would have thought that Xia Xibei would still sign a contract! And she signed with their SY company!

What did Xia Xibei want? Why did she have to join their company?

“She switched guardians?”

“Yes. Her parents had given up their custody of her, transferring custody to another person.”

Pan Yan didn’t mention the existence of Liu Manhong, so Bai Meixue wouldn’t think too much into it.

Bai Meixue didn’t make the connection to Liu Manhong, but she still couldn’t calm down.

Was the little b*tch still going into the entertainment industry?!

No way! She would not let her succeed!

She shouldn’t think she would be a winner just because she was a part of this industry!

Because she was so emotional, Bai Meixue couldn’t control her expressions at all, which made Pan Yan even more guarded.

“President Li, this is the contract that was just signed.”

Pan Yan put the contract in front of President Li.

Bai Meixue leaned over to take a look. When her eyes fell on the phrase “three years,” she couldn’t help but frown.

“Little Pan, how can you sign her for three years? Our company does not have such a rule!”

“Sister Xue, our company has such a precedent!” Pan Yan looked serious. “Furthermore, it is stated in the contract that if she wants to sign a contract in three years under the same conditions, she will choose our company.”

Without waiting for Bai Meixue to continue, he kept talking.

“If three years have passed and she doesn’t work out, then it’s okay to terminate the contract. If she became hot by then, we would have to increase the salary to keep her, right? So it’s fine. The most important thing is that the company’s earnings are the same and won’t change due to the length of time.”

Pan Yan had already discussed everything with Xia Xibei, so he wouldn’t be stopped by Bai Meixue’s questions now.

“Haha…” Bai Meixue smiled dryly. “That makes sense.”

Pan Yan had made things very clear, and of course President Li had no complaints.

“Since it is signed, so be it.”

President Li took a look, and when he was sure that there was no problem, he made the final decision.

Bai Meixue’s mouth moved a bit, but she finally resisted reacting.

Returning to her room, she almost trashed the place.

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